Rajya Sabha

July 29, 2019

Shanta Chhetri makes a Special Mention on cybersecurity laws

Shanta Chhetri makes a Special Mention on cybersecurity laws


Thank you, Sir. My Special Mention is about cybersecurity and data protection laws. There is an ongoing explosion of cybercrimes on a global scale. The theft and sale of data is happening across vast continents, physical boundaries posing no restrictions or seeming non-existent in this technological era. India being the largest host of outsourcing and data processing in the world could become the epicentre of cybercrime and this may happen due to the absence of the appropriate legislation. Data Security Council of India and the Department of Information and Technology must rejuvenate their efforts in this regard. However, the best solution can come from a sound data protection law. 

Sir, I would like to again mention that it is about time that we pay attention to data security in India. Cybersecurity is surprisingly missing and the same requires rejuvenation. There have been instances of our Honourable Prime Minister’s Office’s website being hacked. We must wake up now. Data breaches and cybercrime cannot be reduced till we make strong cyber laws.

But we cannot do so by merely declaring a cat as a tiger. Cyber laws in India must also be supported by sound cybersecurity and effective cyber forensics and data protection law.

Thank you, Sir.