Rajya Sabha

July 17, 2019

Manas Bhunia speaks on the need to increase daily wage under MGNREGA Scheme

Manas Bhunia speaks on the need to increase daily wage under MGNREGA Scheme


Sir, we all know that MGNREGA, Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act, is a unique programme and is spread out in all the villages and part of the urban areas. This programme has been implemented for a long time. In 2018-19, near about 5.27 crore households were provided by the government and 267.91 crore person days were created. Funds in the tune of Rs 69,587 crore 32 lakh 77 thousand were spent. The permanent assets, improvement of the socio-economic conditions through this programme is continuing.

Sir, we have Minimum Wages Act in every State. Different States are paying fixed remunerations and wages to the workers involved in this MGNREGA every day.

Sir, in my State, Rs 187 is paid per day. In other States it is different. But, in this present economic situation, I urge upon the government, through you, that 100 days’ employment guarantee should be increased to 200 days’ guarantee. Secondly, fixed remuneration in the tune of Rs 300 should be fixed for the workers who are involved in this MGNREGA programme. This is because, a large quantum of people in India, in every state, are adhered to the programme and the payment is directly made through their own banking account.

Sir, this is a unique programme not only for the increase of the standard of life and livelihood of the common people but it will give benefit to socio-economic condition of every individual citizen in rural India. They will also be able to confront the odds of the economic situation and the social condition.

Sir, though you, I urge upon the government to consider very seriously – and I am sure all of us in the august House, from both sides will agree with my suggestion and proposal – with all humility. Sir, you kindly give a direction to the government to take it very seriously.