Rajya Sabha

July 2, 2019

Manas Bhunia speaks on the lack of amenities in railways quarters in Kharagpur

Manas Bhunia speaks on the lack of amenities in railways quarters in Kharagpur


Sir, I want to raise one important issue. Through you Sir, I want to attract the attention of the Hon’ble Railway Minister.

Sir, in our state, Kharagpur railway town is called ‘Mini India’ where 30 percent of the Telugu population resides. Tamil, Kannadigas, Malayalis, Odia, Bihari, Chhattisgarhi, UP, Bengal, and also Assam reside here – it is really a ‘Mini India’. It is one of the very important rail towns with the longest railway platform in India – Kharagpur. 

Very unfortunately Sir, recently, water is not properly served to the railway quarters, railway ‘basti’ areas and nearby adjoining areas. Sir, there is a powerful municipality working in Kharagpur town, an elected body. Several times the municipal authorities have approached the divisional authorities of Kharagpur, including South Eastern Railway headquarters at Garden Reach. Kindly allow us to work with railway administration. They wanted to extend their full cooperative hands for construction of roads in the ‘basti’ area, to provide the drinking water facility, for lighting and a sewerage system. 

Sir, recently as per a report, sweepers who are in charge of cleaning the areas do not have personal latrines. Such things should be intervened by the Hon’ble Railway Minister and I want to appeal through you Sir, it is my earnest appeal to the Railway Ministry that they should send a high powered delegation or administrative team to the Kharagpur area and find out the provisions whether the local railway authorities can work along with the Kharagpur Municipality in a positive mode to uphold the demands of the railway staff, workers and the people living in the ‘basti’ area particularly.

It can be a beautiful system if there is an MoU signed between the Kharagpur Railway Authority and the Municipal Authority. Then all the problems can be solved with the help of the Railway Ministry and the State Government. This is my appeal to you, Sir.

Thank you.