Rajya Sabha

July 15, 2019

Derek O’Brien speaks on a Motion for suspension of Rule 272

Derek O’Brien speaks on a Motion for suspension of Rule 272


Sir, nobody is opposing this motion because this is not the first time that this has happened. It has happened at least three or four times in the past. But Sir, just two quick points and thank you for allowing me to make these two quick points about motion for suspending the rules.

Basically this means none of them goes to the Standing Committee for its approval. We understand that this time the Standing Committees are not ready. 

The two quick points are, Sir, the Government, as in the past, should assure this House that this is an emergency situation as the Standing Committees have not been constituted. Like it was in 2004. Same thing. This is one assurance, Sir. 

And the second, Sir, again on the issue of the Standing Committees, seven Bills have been passed already, in both the Houses. Ten more have come in here, Sir. 17 Bills being passed without scrutiny, Sir. I have the Chairman who also agrees, Sir. This is not the spirit in which Standing Committees were made in 1993. 

Sir, but first, an assurance must be given that Standing Committees will not be bypassed either in this session or the next, this being an emergency situation because the election dates were such that the Committees were not constituted.