Rajya Sabha

July 3, 2019

Derek O’Brien raises a Point of Order on transaction of government business in Rajya Sabha

Derek O’Brien raises a Point of Order on transaction of government business in Rajya Sabha


Sir, I quote Rule 23 on the arrangement of Government business. 

On days allotted for the transaction of Government business that business shall have precedence and the Secretary-General shall arrange that business in such order as the Chairman after consultation with the Leader of the Council may determine”

Sir, my limited point today. Two points – both on this rule – let me make them. One Sir, on the Short Duration Discussion. The Chairman has been very kind, Sir, and has agreed to allow one every week. So many members from different parties have signed that notice of Short Duration Discussion on electoral reforms and free and fair elections. That was supposed to be taken up today, we all agreed, at 2 PM. 

Now, yesterday, at about 3 PM, the government brought a supplementary list of business (it is their right to bring a supplementary list of business) on the reservation in educational institutions. The supplementary list of business came at 3 PM and the discussion started at 3:15 PM. Sir, members have the right to be given 24 hours to move an amendment; that right was not given to us, Sir. 

Having said that, today at 2 PM, we still have two and a half hours to discuss this Bill on education, which we will discuss and pass. But Sir, then our Short Duration Discussion will start at 4:30-5 PM, and finish at 6 PM; then it will become meaningless. 

My request to you, Sir, is that since the motion for the discussion has been moved by me, and signed by other parties, I request, through you Sir, the government, please start the Short Duration Discussion at 2 PM. We will wrap it up and then discuss the Bill.