Lok Sabha

July 26, 2019

Kalyan Banerjee speaks on respecting women

Kalyan Banerjee speaks on respecting women


Sir, whatever Smriti Irani ji ne kaha hain aur jo sab mahilaon ne kaha hain is right – there should not be any words said or any conduct made which amounts to insulting women. There are no two ways about it. Any person who doesn’t know how to pay respect to women possibly doesn’t know the culture of the country.

Lakshman ji jab 14 varsh mein they, tab woh kabhi Sita ji ki muuh bhi darshan nahi kiya, paon ke taraf dekhte they. Jo hua woh acha nahi hua. It has not only hurt the sentiment of women but of everyone. Hum toh jante hain, mata ji ko dekha, behen bhi hain, jab ladki hui toh humko maloom hua ki ladki kya hain, beti kya hain. Agar koi beti ko, koi behen ko koi disrespect karega, whether by words or by conduct, we will be the last person to tolerate it.


Sir, this is a matter which falls under breach of privilege. Power has been vested with you to deal with such an issue. Now Sir, since the entire power is vested with you to take whatever steps you like, the Privilege Committee will come into the picture only when you assign the matter to it.

Immediate steps need to be taken, Sir, and please take it as our request: to restore the dignity and majesty of the House and ensure that they are not reduced even by the smallest amount. This is a question of a woman’s respect and prestige. Please take whatever steps you wish to taken keeping these in mind.