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September 6, 2014

Will not tolerate malicious campaign against party and Chairperson: Partha Chatterjee

Will not tolerate malicious campaign against party and Chairperson: Partha Chatterjee
AITC Secretary General Mr Partha Chatterjee met the press at Trinamool Bhavan. Here are the excerots from his statements:
Some sections of the media is spreading false information and maligning our party. Trinamool Congress will not tolerate this. It is a well-known fact that Trinamool Congress is the poorest of all political parties in this country.
An agenda has been taken up by some that the party should be maligned in order to keep it down because it is poor. The campaign aims at stopping all the developmental works taken up by our leader Ms Mamata Banerjee.
Some channels are regularly maligning us daily on some television channels. BJP and Congress have crores in funds for election campaigns. We are a poor party and the people are our wealth.  They are our strength. The campaigns to malign us are being carried out by BPP, CPIM and Congress. A section of the media has joined hand with them. It is their policy to attack the simple lifestyle, the selflessness of Ms Mamata Banerjee. This is being done as there are no other political options to criticize her.
We will wait for a few days more. We will not accept the maligning of our party and our leader.
Hath Kaste Hathuri Tara
Manusher vote-e hoyeche Bangla chhara
Ar Padma dekhabe phul
Manush korbe eder nirmul.
Kokhonoi ekhane fube na padma phul.
If this wave of maligning and false information does not stop, our MPs will protest against it in Delhi. We are the 4th largest party in the Parliament. Our MP and Leader of the Party in the Lok Sabha Mr Sudip Bandopadhyay will address the issue. If these malicious campaigns continue our women workers will hit the streets across the state in protest.
The past Government did nothing to prevent the Chit Funds. We, as opposition, had informed the then Government about the situation. When the Trinamool Government came to power, we took up the issue and took action against them.