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September 8, 2014

If there is an unbiased investigation of Saradha scam, Mamata Banerjee will support it: Abhishek

If there is an unbiased investigation of Saradha scam, Mamata Banerjee will support it: Abhishek

All India Trinamool Yuva today organised ahuge rally at Bowbazar in support of the party candidate Nayana Bandyopadhyayfor the upcoming Assembly bypolls in Chowringhee. Senior party leaders likePartha Chatterjee, Subrata Bakshi, Sonali Guha, Firhad Hakim, Saugata Roy,Tapas Roy, Ashok Deb and others were present on the occasion.

Speaking at the rally, West Bengal StatePresident of the party, Subrata Bakshi said, “Opposition parties, with the helpof a section of the media, are maligning the WB government. We have to counterthe smear campaign against the WB Government by winning this by-election.”

Party MP from Dumdum, Saugata Roy slammedthe BJP for having a murder-accused as the party chief. He said that thecurrent BJP Chief was sent to jail and back then BJP used to call the CBI “CongressBureau of Investigation”.

“We took action in Saradha scam. We sentour MP to jail and formed a commission to return money. The Centre has notresponded to our request for debt moratorium. They have not allotted funds formetro projects in Kolkata,” he added.

Party MP from Diamond Harbour, and theNational President of Yuva, Abhishek Banerjee lashed out at the BJP and asection of the media for starting a smear campaign against West BengalGovernment. 

Highlights of Abhishek Banerjee's speech:

  • The slogan for 13 September is – Chupchap joraphooley chhap.
  • Prior to 2011, could the Opposition in Bengalhold rallies freely? Yesterday BJP held a rally here. Don't you want such anatmosphere?
  • This government came to power in 2011 withthe support of the people. You voted for Mamata Banerjee because you saw herstruggle. We are focussed on the future, not the past.
  • Mamata Banerjee did not politicise Sharadaissue. Instead, she took steps to return people's money.
  • BJP plays communal politics. People shouldshow them the way out.
  • BJP does not understand the Bengalisentiment. Ram naam newar aage 14 bochorbonobas koruk BJP.
  • Media houses that are maligning WB governmentshould produce their balance sheets. How much money have they taken fromSaradha ads?
  • If there is an unbiased investigation ofSaradha scam, Mamata Banerjee will support it.
  • What did Modi do in 100 days? They did notpunish criminals; they did not grant Bengal the deserved money.
  • BJP failed to check price rise. Who isbenefiting from the Achhe Din? BJP or common people of India?
  • A BJP functionary was head of Saradha inTezpur, Assam. Why should he not go to jail? Why is Didi alone being targeted?
  • It is difficult for a section of the mediato accept Mamata Banerjee, with a humble background, as the CM. So they aretargeting her.
  • Vote for Trinamool to continue the surge ofdevelopment in Bengal.