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September 17, 2014

CSTC adds 46 new buses to its fleet on the occasion of Vishwakarma Puja

CSTC adds 46 new buses to its fleet on the occasion of Vishwakarma Puja

The CSTC added 46 new buses to its fleettoday, on the day of Viswakarma Puja. Of these, 17 are AC buses. The statetransport undertakings (STUs) have also signed an annual maintenance contractwith bus manufacturers.

The CSTC had a fleet strength of 130 buses.Eventually, 632 new buses will be added to the existing fleet. Thehigh-capacity new buses can carry a bigger number of passengers. The increasingfrequency of buses on a particular route has brought back the renewed faith ofcommuters.

Details of new buses:

The Garia-Karunamoyee S14 route currentlyhas three buses. The number will go up to six. This once-defunct route wasrevived and is now being further strengthened. 

Similarly, the old route 10 hasbeen revived as S10 with the reintroduction of buses. Four buses will ply onthis route.

The number of buses on the S3AThakurpukur-Sealdah route will jump to six. The S4 (Parnashree-SLD Gate nearNicco Park) route will get 8 buses, up from 4.

The fleet size of AC 24 (Patuli-Howrah),AC-47 (Kudghat-Unitech) and AC-41 (Santragachi-Ecospace in New Town) will risefrom 3 to 5.

The S44 (Eco Park-Nabanna) fleet will go upfrom 2 to 4, while on the S45 (Sakuntala Park-Kolkata railway station) route,AC buses were substituted by non-AC ones.

The AC9 (Jadavpur-Karunamoyee) and AC9A(Golf Green-Dakshineswar) routes will get four and five buses respectively.

On the AC12 route (Howrah-Sapoorji nearSDF), the number of buses will be increased to 7. On the AC1 (Jadavpur-Howrah)route, the number of buses will go up to 5.

On the AC37A route (Garia-Airport), 7 buseswill ply a day.

Four buses will ply on the S10A(Howrah-Ballygunge) and S22 (Kasba-Shibrampore) routes each while 3 buses willply on the S12E (Howrah-New Town) route.