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September 22, 2014

Bengal bags top awards for NREGA and e-governance

Bengal bags top awards for NREGA and e-governance

The Bengal Government once again showed howto lead from the front. It has now added another feather to its cap by baggingthe top honour for e-governance in NREGA under World Bank's assistance. Theawards, currently in the 37th year, were given out by theDelhi-based think tank Skoch group.

The state was awarded the Order of Merit infour distinct areas. Besides MGNREGA, the project for 'Sanitation Units foreverybody' in Nadia was duly awarded for its successful implementation. Web-basedMonitoring System of Gram Panchayats for ISGP and e-Governance was alsohonoured. The state received Gold and Platinum Award for the NREGA ande-Governance.

Despite non-release of funds by the centralGovernment, the state's performance in NREGA is incredible. The new Governmenthad given special focus on e-Governance since 2011 and within a span of thelast three and half years, most of the accounting and monitoring system arebeing done online. The process has brought a great deal of accountability andtransparency at each level of governance.