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September 27, 2014

All households in Bengal to have sanitation facilities by 2017

All households in Bengal to have sanitation facilities by 2017

The state Government has undertaken thetarget of having proper sanitary facility in all the households of the state bythe year 2017. The state already had won accolade both from the UNICEF and thecentral government body.

State Panchayat & Rural DevelopmentMinister Mr Subrata Mukherjee said that by 2014, 13 lakh households will haveproper toilets made. By 2017, 65 lakh households will have the same, resultingin Nirmal West Bengal.

In the draft 12th Five year Plan of theWest Bengal Government, it was mentioned to ensure safe toilet facilities inall households, schools, ICDS centres and public places. The districtadministration has been rigorously monitoring and intensive field visits arebeing made by district officials are delivering sterling results in districtslike Bardhaman, which will complete the mission by this year.


  • Sanitary Toilets iIn all Households (inconvergence with MGNREGA)
  • Sanitary Toilets iIn all educationalinstitutions (Schools/ SSK/MSK)
  • Sanitary Toilets in all Anganwadi Centres(in convergence with the Department of Child Development)
  • Sanitary Toilets in all health institutions
  • Sanitary Toilets at market places, busstands and other areas of congregation