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September 10, 2014

Credibility of CBI is under question: Trinamool

Credibility of CBI is under question: Trinamool

Senior leader of the party and PanchayatMinister Subrata Mukherjee today addressed a press conference at TrinamoolBhavan, along with party Secretary General Partha Chatterjee to counter thesmear campaign launched against the party by sections of the media.

Highlightsof Subrata Mukherjee's speech:

  • People must come forward to condemn thenegative political culture promoted in the State by certain sections.
  • It is unprecedented that a media house istrying to play the Opposition party. They are destroying democracy.
  • Is it the job of a media house to play therole of Opposition party? Should they issue statements like Opposition leaders do?
  • The CBI is being used as a pawn to settlepolitical scores by the ruling party.
  • A deep conspiracy has been hatched todefame Mamata Banerjee, whose credibility is beyond question.
  • We condemn the smear campaign in thestrictest possible words. This is a worst precedence.
  • If CBI performs its duties in a non-partisanmanner, we will welcome it. We will not tolerate CBI being used for politicalpurpose.
  • We believe in healthy politics. We do notbelieve in the culture of smear campaigns and mud-slinging.

Highlightsof Partha Chatterjee's speech:

  • BJP is indulging in a dirty political game,using the CBI, ahead of bypolls in Bengal.
  • At a time when Mamata Banerjee is trying totake Bengal to heights of development, ABP-BJP are indulging in smear campaign.
  • The credibility of CBI is under questionnow.
  • WB CM comes from a humble background, leadsa simple life. Some sections are deliberately targeting her.
  • All chit funds, right from 1980 to 2012,should be investigated and the perpetrators must be punished.