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September 19, 2014

WB CM inaugurates Kolkata Police’s Durga Puja Guide 2014

WB CM inaugurates Kolkata Police’s Durga Puja Guide 2014

West Bengal Chief Minister Ms MamataBanerjee was present at programme organized by the Kolkata Police at NetajiIndoor Stadium. The Chief Minister ceremonially published the KolkataPolice's 'Durga Puja Guide 2014' on this occasion.The meeting was held to set up coordination between the Kolkata Police and theDurga Puja organizing committees.

The programme saw the presence of religiousleaders from all sects and communities to spread the message of communal harmony. TheChef Minister on the occasion said that there are chances of instigation of violence bysome sections during the Durga Puja and the Bakr Eid, which will be held almosttogether. She appealed everybody to maintain communal harmony.

She asked the police to make a list ofnames who might incite others to create trouble during the festive season. Sheasked the Puja organizers to report to the police whenever they may come acrossanything that seems to be untoward.

The Chief Minister instructed all theMinisters, MLAs, Mayors of the corporations, Mayor-in-Council Members and otherelected representatives to stay at their respective areas during the festiveseasons and keep watch that harmony is maintained.

The Chief Minister appealedto the Puja organizers to stay away from Visarjan on October 5 because of BakrEid. She said that Visarjan ceremony will be allowed 8 PM onwards on October 6.