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September 3, 2014

I have a special relationship with the people of the Hills: WB CM in Kalimpong

I have a special relationship with the people of the Hills: WB CM in Kalimpong

West Bengal Chief Minister Ms MamataBanerjee, who is on a 3-day visit to Darjeeling district, inaugurated aslew of projects at Kalimpong today during a programme held at RonaldsheyPark Ground.

The Chief Minister flagged off 28 newbuses belonging to the North Bengal State Transport, especially for the peopleof the Hills. She also inaugurated KarmaTirtha Marketing Hubs at Kurseong, Kalimpong-I and Gorubathan blocks. ABorder Check Point was also inaugurated by the Chief Minister today.

West Bengal Government has been givingspecial impetus to tourism in North Bengal. To keep up with the pace, the ChiefMinister inaugurated the BADP Home Stay project, the Takdah Eco Tourism andHome Stay Tourism project, Home Eco Tourism Centres at Teenchuley and Chimneyand Village Home Stay Tourism project at Pakhriatar.

Apart from inaugurating the projects, theChief Minister also distributed benefits under the state government schemes like Kanyashree, tribecertificates, Kisan Credit Cards, scholarship to minorities etc.

Excerpts from the Chief Minister's speech:

I welcome all my brothers and sisters from all communitiesand regions here. I am very happy to be here today. I have come here to fulfillmy assurance and promise to my brothers and sisters in the Hills. I have aspecial relationship with the people of the Hills. Hamara dil ka connection hai.

The Lepcha Development Board has done a very good work inone year. You need the will to work. The Lepcha Board deserves credit. They arean example worth following. We will recruit Lepcha parateachers very soon. Wehave received proposals to open schools. We will look into that.

The water that is preserved through “Jal Dharo Jal Bharo” scheme can beused for various purposes. We are forming a Steering Committee to look into thevarious uses preserved water can be put to. People of Darjeeling will get morework under 100 Days Work Scheme in future. It is the duty of people to help inprogress.

Many people want to come to Kalimpong, Kurseong, Darjeeling.The region has a lot of tourism potential. Darjeeling is becoming saturated.There are a lot of unexplored areas in Kalimpong. We are opening a lot of newschools, hospitals, fair price medicine shops, diagnostic centres in this area.

82% of the population in Kalimpong has received variousbenefits of government schemes. Last time I came to the Hills, I announced adrinking water project worth Rs 2000 crore. Work is going on. Yesterday Iannounced 4 hydel projects worth Rs 3300 crore for North Bengal. NHPC willcarry out the projects. We have given offer letters to 100 new non-refusaltaxis today. This will be a huge boost to the region.

We have begun the work of a marketing complex in Darjeeling.3 Marketing hubs will come up at Kalimpong, Kurseong and Gorubathan. I willcome back to the Hills after Durga Puja.

We have to work together to build a new Darjeeling. We wantto develop new tourist spots in the region. We have already set up Lamahattaeco-tourism. We are giving stress on home tourism. We do not have money in thetreasury. Centre is taking away most of our revenue. Yet we are working hardfor the people.

We have cleared a project worth Rs 11 crore for solid wastemanagement. It is important to keep the Hills clean. We are setting up amedical college in Kurseong under PPP mode. We have decided to set up a branchoffice of CMO in Darjeeling. I have developed a strong bond with the people ofthe Hills.

As long as I am alive, I will keep coming back to the Hills.Earlier you had to go to Kolkata for administrative work. Now the Secretariatvisits the districts to take stock of the progress.

I have a dream. Wehave create a better tomorrow for the people. Bengal will lead the way.

My Lepcha brothers and sisters have given me the highesthonour “Kingtsoom Darmit“.I will never forget this honour. The festive season is approaching. This is theseason of peace and celebration.

Come, let us build a better Darjeeling together.