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September 5, 2014

WB CM gives away Siksha Ratna awards to outstanding teachers

WB CM gives away Siksha Ratna awards to outstanding teachers

West Bengal Government today felicitated onehundred teachers from all over the State with Siksha Ratna Samman on the occasion of Teachers' Day. TheGovernment also awarded 42 schools with the Best School Awards.

West Bengal Chief Minister Ms MamataBanerjee handed over the awards today at a programme organized by the SchoolEducation Department at Netaji Indoor Stadium. Minister for School Educationand Higher Education, Mr Partha Chatterjee was present at the programme, alongwith the Minister of Science & Technology and Biotechnology, Mr RabinanjanChatterjee, Minister of Mass Education and Libraries, Janab Abdul KarimChowdhury and Minister of State for School Education and Higher Education, DrAshish Banerjee.

The State Government has recently launchedthe Sikhsha Shree Scheme for studentsof classes V to VIII belonging to SC/ST communities where Book Grant,Maintenance Grant and other compulsory charges have been introduced for them.The internationally acclaimed Kanyashree projecthas also a deep focus to stop school dropout rate among girl students.

Excerpts from the Chief Minister's speech:

I am honoured to be able to be here withteachers today. I wish the students present here all the best. May your futurebe bright. Teachers are the backbone of the country. They build the society.They teach the citizens of tomorrow.

The duty of teachers is not only to imparttextbook-education but to impart the philosophy of life. Through education, theculture of the society is created. Education creates human beings. We mustfocus of character-building.

We do not engage in malicious propaganda andcharacter-assassination. We lead our lives with head held high. Earlier themedia was held the mirror to the society. But sadly, the media is notperforming its duty now.

It is not right to attack allschools/colleges in general for one stray incident happening at one place. Onerotten fruit corrupts the whole bunch. Get rid of it. It is your duty to upholdwhat is right.

বাংলার মাটি শিক্ষার মাটি, সংস্কৃতির মাটি, নবজাগরণের মাটি, চেতনার মাটি

True education teaches us to be dedicated andoffer selfless service. Bengali students are shining everywhere – from NASA toAsha. The credit goes to the teachers. One must not discriminate against othersjust because they are poor.

Bengal is going through a dark phase. Asection of media is running malicious smear campaign against Bengal. Somepeople are only harping on the negatives. This is not the culture of Bengal. Wehave to be positive and constructive.

There were only 38 colleges in Bengal till2011. In the last 3 years we have set up 31 colleges. 8 new universities havebeen set up in the last 3 years. 2 more are in the pipeline. 43 ITIs have beenset up and 35 are coming up. Polytechnic colleges are coming up in everysub-division.

We are bringing all B.Ed and M.Ed collegesunder one umbrella – West Bengal University for Teachers' Training &Education.

There was a saying in the olden days:

Swagruhe Poojyathe Pithara, Swa graame Poojyathe Prabhu,Swa deshe Poojyathe Raja,Vidhwan Sarvathra Poojyathe

Educated people are worshipped wherever theygo. Teachers deserve the same respect like our parents. We have to imbibe thegood from others. We must adopt new technology.

We have started Sikkha Shree scheme for SC/ST students. We have initiated Kanyashree scheme for girls. Bengal isNo. 1 in 100 Days Work, MSME, Skill Development, and Horticulture. Bengal willbecome No. 1 in all sectors. We have to be the best.

Bengal led the renaissance in India. Bengalwill lead India again. We will live with our heads held high.

My heartiest greetings to you all ahead ofthe festive season.

I firmly believe the students sitting herewill make Bengal proud one day. They are our future. The teachers must guidethem.