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September 17, 2014

Kolkata Police to procure a second drone for aerial surveillance

Kolkata Police to procure a second drone for aerial surveillance

Kolkata Police may soon avail the serviceof a second drone – an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). Encouraged by itsefficacy in aerial survey during major calamities, large gatherings andfestivities like Durga Puja, Kolkata Police is acquiring one more drone,probably before Durga Puja.

The drone was earlier pressed into serviceduring a pre-election rally at the Maidan and public rallies at differentplaces in the city. But its maximum usage was during Durga Puja last year.

Asaviour during disasters

This unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) helpedassess the extent of the fire and helped the fire brigade personnel anddisaster management group (DMG) personnel to work out a strategy to fight theinferno and rescue those trapped in the building.

On a couple of occasions, the drone chasedsuspected cars at night till they were intercepted by police personnel bycreating a blockade on the road. The second drone the city police are trying toacquire would be of greater efficiency, with greater image capturing abilityand longer flying capacity. The present drone can fly for more than an hour ona single charge.


The drone, which remains in the custody ofthe Special Task Force (STF), is handled by a group of trained personnel whocan control its flight and keep capturing the moving images. The first dronewas purchased for Rs 40 lakh from the modernization fund granted by the Centre.The second drone will also be purchased with the same fund.

Apart from the drone, the city police arealso acquiring backpack satellite link-up devices for live telecast of alaw-and-order situation. During any untoward incident, the cameraman would alsoaccompany the force to the place of occurrence and record the entire incident.Later, the footage can be used during its legal proceedings.

Image: This is a representative photo of a drone