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January 8, 2015

We are creating more than one crore employment opportunities through Bengal Global Business Summit: WB CM

We are creating more than one crore employment opportunities through Bengal Global Business Summit: WB CM

The Bengal Global Business Summit 2015 was a huge success with the State roping in huge investments from all around the world. With representatives of business houses from more than twenty countries participating, besides the Indian industry captains, the summit proved to be an eye-opener for those who visited the state for the first time.

It was expected that about 100 people will attend each of the Breakaway Sessions. More than 200 people attended the sessions.
9 Breakaway Sessions were held today.

The 1st session was for Manufacturing. The 2nd session was for Health, Education & Skill Development. The 3rd Breakaway Session was for Food Processing, 4th session for Housing, 5th one was for MSME. The 6th Breakaway Session was held for Infrastructure and Energy. The 7th session was for Financial Services. While the 8th Breakaway Session was for Tourism and Entertainment, the last session was for IT and Hardware.

The Chief Minister addressed the Closing Session of the Summit.

Highlights of the Chief Minister’s speech at the Closing Session

  • Response has been excellent, fabulous and fatafati.
  • Congratulations to all delegates, officials, and captains of industry for such a great response.
  • We are touched by your response. This summit will go a long way and be a turning point.
  • There has been a flood of EoI, MoU.
  • It is unfair to compare Bengal with other States. We have legacy. We do not have financial independence.
  • Bengal’s economy has turned around in last three years. It is a No. 1 model.
  • Credit must go to the nine core groups in various sectors.
  • Investment commitment worth Rs 1.2 Lakh crore were received in last three years of which Rs 83,000 are in process.
  • In last two days we received investment worth Rs 2.4 lakh crore. This is huge. I bow before you. I salute you.
  • The auditorium is packed. This is the energy. This is the dedication.
  • NTPC is investing Rs 20,000 crore. Essel group is investing Rs 15,000 crore. Subarna group is investing Rs 1000 crore.
  • From Samsung to NASSCOM, TCS to Infocom are investing. Within 2-3 yrs we can create more than 1 cr employment opportunities.
  • We have an employment bank. Our labour is cheap. We are setting up polytechnic and ITI. We want pvt players to adopt it is.
  • Land is available. We are providing skill development to 10 lakh youth.
  • Earlier government was a loadhsedding-government. Now there is no loadshedding in Bengal.
  • If there is no industry in Bengal, how come so many people are here today? How are new hotels coming up in Bengal.
  • I always think positive. If you have a vision, you can accomplish your mission.
  • Our government started e-governance for transparency and good governance.
  • Our government provides social justice. We believe in social governance.
  • We allotted 4000 acres of land within a second at Kulti. Land is not a problem. We have a land bank, land use policy.
  • There is a direct connection between CMO and BDO. We have completed more than 80 block level meetings.
  • Political killings by Maoists have stopped in Jangalmahal. There is peace there.
  • We started 14Y clearance. Mutation problems addressed in 21 days. Bengal will give surplus power to other states.
  • Everything is available in Bengal. You just do your business with a heart.
  • We have an administrative calendar. We have achieved 99% of our tasks.
  • From today we will start an administrative calendar for the proposals of Bengal Global Summit. WBIDC will be nodal agency.
  • Bengal is giving free medicines to rural people. Bengal is the first State to have fair price medicine shops and cord blood bank.
  • 45 new colleges coming up. 8 new universities have been set up. If anyone is interested to set up medical college, we will help you.
  • We have started township policy. We have identified land. Land is not a problem.
  • There is so much potential for the growth of urban development.
  • We are against SEZ. But if you want to set up IT Parks, we will provide all assistance.
  • There is so much tourism potential in Bengal. Eco-tourism is coming up. There is scope in entertainment industry.
  • Think about today. Look towards tomorrow. Bengal is the gateway to SE Asia, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan.
  • A second Goa can come up in Bengal.
  • Bengal has huge scope for hospitality sector. There are a lot of areas to explore.
  • Eco-park, where we hosted the dinner yesterday, was set up in just a year.
  • We announced PPP Policy. Industry is coming through PPP.
  • We are setting up agri-marketing hubs. There is a lot of demand. You can come to Bengal and fulfill the demand.
  • I convey my best regards to your countrymen, your family members. The whole world is my sweet family.
  • Bengal Global Summit 2016 will be held on 8-9 January, 2016. Please do book your schedules now.
  • Bengal is delighted by your august presence. It touches our hearts.


The Summit ended with a standing ovation and the performance of the National Anthem.