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January 30, 2015

Jago Bangla stall wins hearts at Kolkata Book Fair

Jago Bangla stall wins hearts at Kolkata Book Fair

The 39th International Book Fair which was inaugurated on the 27 January is buzzing with book enthusiasts.

This year Jago Bangla – the official party mouthpiece – has been depicted through a stall which has been modeled around theme communal harmony. The figures at the entrance of the stall depict a Hindu, Muslim, Sikh and Christian showcasing unity in diversity and the motto the party firmly believes in.

Dola Sen, West Bengal State President of the Indian National Trinamool Trade Union Congress, said “Our Leader Mamata Banerjee has an open mind and heart. TMC is also an open platform. Like Mamata Banerjee our party accommodates people from different castes and creeds. Our country is now in crisis because of BJP, but our culture here is university in diversity. Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian all stand in communal harmony here and our stand is anti-communalism.”

“Mamata Banerjee has come up with this special theme of Dhamsha Madol, Ektara and Veena and the entire stall has been made using old recycled Jago Bangla newsletters keeping in mind the environment” she added.

The Biswa Bangla stall of the West Bengal Government was also thronged by people.

This year seven books by Mamata Banerjee were released at the Book Fair, taking the total number of books written by her to 53.

Here are some images from the book fair:


Jago Bangla display stands made with recycled paper


A slice of Bengal at Book Fair


Baul performance at Jago Bangla stall


The ektara at Jago Bangla stall


Dhamsa-Madol signifying Adivasis at Jago Bangla stall


 Collage of the Chairperson