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October 11, 2018

Transport dept introduces 35 new vessels before Durga Puja

Transport dept introduces 35 new vessels before Durga Puja

The state Transport department has introduced 35 robust and safe vessels before Durga Puja for better transport facilities in inland waterways.

It may be mentioned that the state Transport department has already taken a series of steps to ensure that people do not face any inconvenience while availing the transport services in inland waters. At the same time, steps have also been taken to ensure security and safety of commuters.

The state government had introduced the Jalodhara scheme under which safe and robust vessels are getting introduced by which people can cross river Hooghly at different transit points without any risk.
Around 35 such vessels will be introduced ahead of Durga Puja. Around 15 of such 35 vessels are of capacity to carry 100 passengers at a time. Around 20 of such 35 vessels are under the Jalodhara project.

The state Transport department also ensured repairing of jetties following a Standard Operating Procedures (SOP). Jalosathis have also been appointed at the jetties to maintain the SOP.