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October 4, 2018

Separate directorate for civil aviation in Bangla soon

Separate directorate for civil aviation in Bangla soon

The Bangla Government has decided to set up a Civil Aviation Directorate. It would come under the jurisdiction of the State Transport Department.

The idea behind the decision is to popularise air routes inside the State. A few routes are already up and running linking various. A few more like Malda, Cooch Behar and Balurghat are being readied. The airport in Cooch Behar is almost ready. These would benefit especially business travellers.

Air routes – for both planes and helicopters – have also been started linking Kolkata to a few tourist spots, like Ganga Sagar, Santiniketan and Tarapith. The government has plans to link up several important tourist spots through a network of aerial routes.

In this respects, the role of the Civil Aviation Directorate becomes crucial. In the coming years, this organisation will help in the spread of air travel across the State.

Source: Aajkaal