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October 6, 2018

New attraction on Hooghly river – A three-storeyed cruise boat

New attraction on Hooghly river – A three-storeyed cruise boat

Soon one would be able to hire the three-storeyed vessel, MV Sikshashree, owned by the State Transport Department, for for parties, be it for a wedding, a birthday, or anything else. It was one of several vessels launched a few months back.

As of now, the vessel can be booked at the office of the West Bengal Transport Corporation but in the near future online booking would be introduced. The cruise boat has to be hired for a minimum of five hours.

The vessel would start from the Millennium Park jetty. Towards the north, the vessel would be able to travel till the Howrah Bridge, as beyond it would be impossible because of the height of the bridge, but there are no such limits towards the south.

Four hundred people can board the vessel at a time – 250 on the lower deck, 125 on the middle deck and 25 on the upper deck. The government has spent Rs 1.97 crore for building the vessel.

The corporation has also decided to organise trips on this vessel for watching the immersion of idols after Durga Puja at Babughat.

Source: Bartaman

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