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October 30, 2018

NRC deaths – Mamata Banerjee expresses her angst

NRC deaths – Mamata Banerjee expresses her angst

Bangla Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee once again expressed her angst over the National Register for Citizens (NRC) in Assam. She said, there are reports of suicides because of NRC. She was addressing an administrative review meeting at Cooch Behar district, which shares its borders with Assam.

The CM said, “We do not discriminate between the citizens of Assam and Bengal. We love them both equally. But have you seen, there have been suicides in Assam because of NRC. We are neighbours. Don’t you feel sad? The name of one person is not in the (NRC) list, but names of his wife and children are there. This drove him to commit suicide.”

She added, “People are living peacefully in our State. They are living in harmony. But some people cannot tolerate this fact.”