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October 1, 2018

Free mosquito nets to combat dengue in villages

Free mosquito nets to combat dengue in villages

To effectively combat dengue, the State Government has decided to distribute mosquito nets for free to villagers across Bangla. The Panchayats & Rural Development Department would be distributing the mosquito nets in 3,229 gram panchayat areas.

This time has been chosen as the post-monsoon period is the prime period for the occurrence of the disease.

Women from self-help groups, numbering around 63 lakh, employed under the Anandadhara Scheme would be going around villages distributing the nets to those who cannot afford one or do not have one.

They, along with people employed under the 100 Days’ Scheme, would also go around homes to raise awareness about dengue and other vector-borne diseases, and conduct disease-related surveys. Surveys have already started in a few panchayat areas.

Source: Bartaman