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October 3, 2018

Gatidhara to reach milestone – Rs 100 cr worth loans disbursed

Gatidhara to reach milestone – Rs 100 cr worth loans disbursed

One of the most important schemes of the Bangla Government would reach a landmark this financial year. According to senior government officials, with 12,000 people expected to be subscribing for loans under the Gatidhara Scheme, the amount of loans disbursed in financial year (FY) 2018-19 would reach the target of Rs 100 crore.

The scheme for helping people to buy vehicles – cars, matadors, etc. – for commercial purposes was launched in FY 2014-15. Over the years, the number of people availing of the loans and consequently, the amount of loans disbursed, has seen a steady increase.

In 2015-16, the numbers were 5,208 and Rs 51 crore, respectively, in 2016-17, they were about 8,500 and Rs 75 crore, and in 2017-18, they were 10,353 and Rs 93 crore. And now, they are expected to touch 12,000 and Rs 100 crore.

The scheme is a major triumph of the Trinamool Congress Government. It is run by the Transport Department. For buying a vehicle, Rs 1 lakh is given as a one-time grant by the government and the buyer has to give another Rs 1 lakh. The rest of the amount is available in instalments.