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October 9, 2018

Mamata Banerjee expresses concern over incidents of violence in Gujarat

Mamata Banerjee expresses concern over incidents of violence in Gujarat

Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee today expressed her concern regarding recent incidents of violence in Gujarat. She said that as per normal legal procedure, the police must take action against culprits. However, she wondered why more than 370 people were arrested in Gujarat.

The CM was speaking to reporter at Nabanna. She said that in India people from all backgrounds coexist in harmony. People from Bihar reside in Bengal, people from Bengal reside in Madhya Pradesh, and people from Rajasthan reside in Bengal. This is our culture, she said.

The Chief Minister alleged that whatever that is happening in Gujarat is pre-planned. “People are living in fear. They are fleeing from Gujarat. People from other States living in Gujarat for years consider themselves a resident of that State. Those from Bihar, staying in Bengal, consider themselves to be Bengalis. The trend in Gujarat is bad and the situation is alarming,” she commented.

The Bengal Chief Minister said that wherever the BJP is in power, they are trying to create a division among the people. They are trying to create confusion and communal tension in places where people are living in peace, she added.

“The condition of the BJP-ruled States is dangerous. I am worried about what is happening in Gujarat,” the CM said. She added if the country is divided on caste lines, it will weaken the nation. If everybody stays united, the nation will become stronger.”