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October 30, 2018

BJP wants to drive out Bengalis from Assam: Mamata Banerjee

BJP wants to drive out Bengalis from Assam: Mamata Banerjee

Bangla Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Tuesday accused the BJP government at the Centre and in Assam of trying to “drive out Bengalis” in the name of NRC.

“The BJP government at the Centre and in Assam are trying to drive out Bengalis (from Assam) in the name of NRC. They have left out 40 lakh people (out of NRC) under the guise of listing genuine voters,” said Mamata Banerjee. She was addressing the gathering at a government program in Cooch Behar district.

Referring to media reports the Chief Minister also said that recently one person committed suicide in Assam as his name did not feature in NRC but the names of his wife and son did.

“In Assam they (BJP) are trying to drive out Bengalis. In Gujarat they are trying to drive out Biharis. You (BJP) do such things and then make tall claims. Both cannot go on simultaneously,” the CM said. “Whether it’s Assam or Bihar, Bengal will help those who have come under attack in its own way,” she added.

She also attacked the Centre for its anti-people policies like demonetisation and the hasty implementation of GST. The CM said, “Those who try to create differences between Hindus and Muslims, drive wedges between different castes, I warn them – let people live peacefully. Everyone is a human being. Do not stir the communal plot by trying to divide people. Bangla will not tolerate such attempts.”

She also said that Centre does not pay Bangla the due compensation for natural calamities like floods and hailstorms. She said, the Centre is not doing the States a favour by giving these funds; these are taxes collected from the States. Had the Centre not taken any taxes from Bangla, she could have undertaken many more developmental projects, the CM added.

Regarding recent incidents of violence in BJP-ruled States, she said it had become dangerous to go to other States now as lynching has become rampant.

She also urged the media to report facts. She said some media houses were sold to the BJP and people have rejected them. She warned people about fake news emanating on social networking sites.