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October 1, 2018

Domestic work and cookery training for correctional home inmates

Domestic work and cookery training for correctional home inmates

To make the integration of inmates of correctional homes into society after their release easier, the State Technical Education, Training & Skill Development Department has decided to start certain courses for them.

To begin with, inmates of Alipore Women’s Correctional Home are being trained under a course called ‘Domestic Work and Cook’. It was launched on September 24.

Later, courses for teaching how to take care of the elderly and children would also be introduced.

After successful completion of the courses, certificates would be awarded, which can used to apply for jobs. Being from the State Government, the certificates would hold value, according to departmental officials.

Earlier, the department had started an electrician training course at Dum Dum Correctional Home, which is running successfully. The department has plans to introduce these and various other courses in correctional homes across Bangla.

The Correctional Administration Department believes that besides helping to learn new skills and in the process, opening up paths for honest employment later on, the courses keep the inmates’ minds from getting diverted towards harmful activities.