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October 27, 2018

As peace prevails, tourists throng Ayodhya Pahar in Purulia

As peace prevails, tourists throng Ayodhya Pahar in Purulia

Ayodhya Pahar in Purulia has transformed from a den of terror and fear to a centre of attraction for its natural beauty. The hills and its forests, bordering Jharkhand, were at one time the hideouts of big Maoist outfits and their leaders, where training and terrorist raids used to be conducted. Today, tourists throng the hills, which provide abundant opportunity for excursions and adventure.

The hills from afar are covered with inviting greenery. And the attraction to spend a few days in the midst of forests and jungle streams during the Puja season has grown so much that tents have had to be set up near the hotels and lodges to accommodate the growing number of tourists. The publicity posters that at one time used to be put up during winter inviting people for bus journeys to places like Digha, Mukutmanipur and Ayodhya Hills were absent towards the end of the Left regime. But they are now back, and not only during winter but all year round. Most hotels and lodges at the hills are booked up to March!

Peace has been restored with the help of the administration. With peace comes development and progress. This has been proved at Ayodhya. At one time, the livelihood of the locals was based mainly on jungle produce, like wood and leaves. Now, with new lodges coming up and the repair of Government establishments, employment and opportunities have grown.

Shops and eateries that stay open through the year have come up, catering to the constant flow of tourists.The Government-operated Niharika Lodge had at one time become a desolate “haunted house”, thanks to the Maoist terror activities. Now, all the rooms are full, accommodating up to 150 tourists.

The villages in the hills, surrounded by jungles and forests, had at one time become the havens for Maoists. There were 76 villages that were remote and backward. Today, all these villages are accessible not only to tourists but progress and development as well.

Source: Bartaman

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