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October 3, 2018

Lab for testing export goods to come up in Newtown

Lab for testing export goods to come up in Newtown

A laboratory to test export goods will be set up in Newtown. The state Cabinet has given the approval to allot 40 cottahs of land to Export Inspection Agency, a wing of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, to set up the laboratory in New Town. The laboratory will come up at Action Area III.

The laboratory will test goods, particularly tea and seafood items, which are being exported. In order to export goods, various certificates are required and the consignments are often rejected as they fail to meet the international standards.

The Export Inspection Lab, which now functions from a rented premise, was established in 1963. Its purpose is to ensure development of export trading through quality control.

The lab conducts chemical testing on items like spices and condiments, pulses, fish and fishery products, fruit juices, fruits and vegetables, drinking water, carbonated water etc. which undergo tests like parathion methyl, aldrin, alpha-BHC, copper, acidity, moisture, total ash, water soluble ash, crude fibre, volatile oil and many more.

The lab also conducts biological testing on items like fish and fish products, milk and milk products, bakery products, swabs, water and ice from processing industries, beverages etc. which undergo tests like Shigella sp, Total Plate Count, Escherichia coli, Salmonella sp, Coliforms and many more. The lab is well-equipped with skilled professionals to carry out accurate testing services.