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October 3, 2018

Now, track buses in Kolkata with Chalo app

Now, track buses in Kolkata with Chalo app

Kolkata Police is coordinating a project of making all buses running in and around the city GPS-connected for the purpose of their being able to be tracked by commuters. The tracking is being made possible through an app, Chalo, with which too Kolkata Police is coordinating. After several cities across the country, Kolkata is now part of the app’s services too.

Several buses have already installed GPS devices. Gradually all buses, both government and private (including mini buses), would instal these devices.

To popularise the app, Kolkata Police is also started advertising it on buses. With lines such as (translated from Bengali) ‘Download the app for free’, ‘Know where your bus is’, ‘Never miss a bus again’ and ‘No more waiting at bus stops’, the advertisements have already created a buzz.

Besides showing the current locations of buses, the app will also show in how many minutes a bus would be reaching its next stoppage.

Being able to be located would also help in cases of buses meeting with accidents or anyone leaving valuables inside. It would also help as buses can be contacted to divert them in cases of road blockade due to accidents, etc.


Source: Khabar 365 Din