IT infrastructure in Bangla growing at rapid pace

From May 2011, an amount of more than Rs 600 crore has been invested by the Trinamool Congress Government in the creation of physical infrastructure in the IT and electronics sector. This includes creation of IT parks and hardware parks, facilities for equipment manufacturing clusters (EMC), etc. The Information Technology & Electronics (IT&E) Department is overseeing all of these.

Hardware park and EMCs: Two electronics manufacturing clusters are coming up in Naihati and Falta. Construction is on in full swing. A hardware park in Sonarpur is complete. An IT park in Kalyani has been planned.

Start-up Warehouse: The State Government established a Start-up Warehouse in 2015 in collaboration with NASSCOM for the benefit of new ventures and start-ups in the IT/ITeS sector. Fifty-one companies have been promoted from the centre so far. Nineteen companies have received funding from private investors and nine companies have received their second round of funding.

Capacity building and self-employment: The IT&E Department, through the training wing of Webel, is imparting IT training in the districts and in tier-II/III-level towns in an organised way. Almost 1.5 lakh students were trained and 30,000 students got employment or achieved self-employment from 2011 to 17, compared to about 74,000 students trained and 11,000 students employed/self-employed during the period of 2004-11.

Cyber Security Centre of Excellence: The Cyber Security Centre of Excellence has been inaugurated by the department and is operational from November 2017. The portal for the same was launched in March 2018. The centre is working on five verticals: capacity building and awareness generation, cyber security assurance, Security Operation Centre, cyber forensics and investigation, and research and development (R&D) and Advisory.

Promotion of emerging technologies: The IT&E Department has been holistically promoting the emerging technologies – the technologies that are going to have a significant impact in the near future. The department has already started working on cyber security, blockchain, artificial intelligence, machine learning, animation, IoT (internt of things), Industry 4.0 (a standard), analytics, animation and e-sports. Summits are being held every month on different emerging technologies. Already summits on cyber security, blockchain and artificial intelligence have taken place.

Silicon Valley Asia: The Government is setting up a cutting-edge IT and hardware technology research and manufacturing hub at New Town called Silicon Valley Asia, on the lines of Silicon Valley in California, USA.

Capacity expansion by private companies: Several of the top IT companies in India have opened new campuses and expanded existing ones, or are in the process of doing those. More and more IT companies are showing interest in opening offices and campuses in Bengal.

Indian Institute of Information Technology (IIIT), Kalyani: The fi­rst IIIT of Bengal was started in 2014. The first batch of BTech came out in 2018.

Reaching destinations beyond Kolkata and Salt Lake: Twenty-five IT parks in tier-II and tier-III cities in different districts are either operational or at different stages of completion – 12 are fully operational, four are almost completed and nine have received sanction for construction.

Thus we see that the State Government is continuously developing infrastructure for different aspects of the information technology industry. The Government has big plans for making Bengal an IT powerhouse.

WB Govt to set up solar domes in every district

Taking Chief Minister Ms Mamata Banerjee’s plan of producing solar power on a major scale, the West Bengal Government is setting solar domes in every district.

The Power Minister, Manish Gupta announced this while inaugurating a 10-kW grid-connected solar project at Sonarpur in South 24-Parganas district. The solar power generated by the Sonarpur-Rajpur Municipality, worth Rs 86-87 lakh, would be linked to the state’s electricity grid.

The Minister also said that the world’s first 120-feet high solar dome is coming up at Eco Park in Rajarhat.

Already, 500 schools in the State are using solar power for various purposes. Soon, every panchayat and municipality will have access to siolar power.


প্রত্যেকটি জেলায় সোলার ডোম তৈরি করবে রাজ্য সরকার

মাননীয়া মুখ্যমন্ত্রী শ্রীমতী মমতা বন্দ্যোপাধ্যায় সৌর শক্তি ব্যবহারের উদ্যোগ নিয়েছেন তাই প্রতিটি জেলায় তৈরি হচ্ছে সৌরপ্ল্যান্ট।

সোনারপুরে একটি গ্রিড সংযুক্ত ১০ কিলোওয়াট শক্তিসম্পন্ন চিরাচরিত সৌরশক্তি ব্যবহারের উদ্বোধনে এসে একথা জানান মণীশ গুপ্ত। সোনারপুর-রাজপুর পুরসভার ৮৬-৮৭ লক্ষ টাকার বিদ্যু९ সরাসরি গ্রিডে পাঠানো হবে।

বিদ্যু९মন্ত্রী জানান, বিশ্বে প্রথম ১২০ ফুট উচ্চতাবিশিষ্ট অচিরাচরিত শক্তির সোলার ডোম হবে রাজারহাটের ইকো পার্কে।

রাজ্যের ৫০০টি স্কুলে সৌরবিদ্যু९ পৌঁছে গিয়েছে। শীঘ্রই প্রতিটি পঞ্চায়েত ও পুরসভায় বসানো হবে সৌরবিদ্যু९।

Municipal elections 2015: Trinamool’s massive campaign across Bengal

Trinamool Congress held massive campaigns for the Municipality Elections 2015 from Sonarpur in South 24 Parganas to Siliguri in North Bengal, from Purulia town in the west to Bongaon in the east  with equal importance and dedication.

Senior leaders including the party All India General Secretary, the party Secretary General, the President of the Trinamool Youth Congress, elected representatives in the Parliament and the state Assembly held road shows, mass meetings and led door-to-door campaign in all the 91 municipalities were election will be held.


North Bengal campaign 2Goutam Deb leads a padayatra at Siliguri



North Bengal campaignTribal people supports Trinamool at campaign rally in North Bengal

Incidentally, Trinamool Congress has already gained majority in three municipalities – Gayeshpur in Nadia and Arambagh and Tarakeswar in Hooghly.

Road show at DumdumMP Prasun Banerjee at road show in Dum Dum

The last few weeks saw extensive campaigns by mass leaders like Subrata Bakshi, Partha Chatterjee, Suvendu Adhikari, Subrata Mukherjee, Firhad Hakim, Jyotpriya Mullick, Goutam Deb, Abhishek Banerjee as well as MPs like Shatabdi Roy, Arpita Ghosh, Moonmoon Sen, Dev and others.

Padayatra at Baruipur

AITC Secretary General Partha Chatterjee and Biman Banerjee campaigns at Baruipur

Satabdi Ray at Suri - Ei SamayAITC MP  Shatabdi Roy campaigns at Suri

Padayatra at SuriFirhad Hakim leads a padayatra at Suri

Campaign at SonarpurAroop Biswas campaigns at Sonarpur

Campaign at BarasatJyotipriya Mullick campaigns at Barasat

DEvAITC MP Dev campaigns at Silguri

Suvendu-Adhikari-at-EgraSuvendu Adhikari campaigns at Egra

Abhishek Banerjee at BardhamanTrinamool Youth Congress President Abhishek Banerjee campaigns at Kalna

Abhishek BanerjeeTrinamool Youth Congress President Abhishek Banerjee campaigns at Naihati

WB Government receives proposals for 13 new townships

The West Bengal Government has received proposals for approval of 13 new townships across the state. Keeping in mind the various needs of the people, these proposals have come to build the townships under various themes like health, education, entertainment, handicrafts and even for senior citizens etc. These townships will have all basic facilities from healthcare, education and various other needs for day to day life.

The proposals have been received from all local entrepreneurs and the sites selected by them are Sonarpur, Baruipur, Barasat, Howrah, Domjur etc. The State Government is also promoting other areas in the state like Baharampur, Uluberia, Chinsura, Chandannagar, Duttapukur, Asansol, Durgapur, Siliguri, Maldah etc.  For these areas, the Government is thinking of giving special packages and the matter is now under the consideration of Urban Development Minister.

The new 13 proposals will be built on land measuring 50 to 185 acres and is expected to get their go ahead in the next Cabinet meeting.

From the very beginning the West Bengal Government had made it very clear the interested investors have to procure land on their own and the Government will also not handover any of its land located in various prime localities.

The two important criteria to be maintained while building these townships as set by the West Bengal Government are 25% of the housing facility should be reserved for the financially weaker section of the society and another 25% have to be invested in economic development projects.