Didi led an anti-CAA protest march in Hills today

Today, Mamata Banerjee led a 4-km-long protest march in Darjeeling hills against the new citizenship law. The rally began at Bhanu Bhakta Bhavan near Mall in Darjeeling and concluded in the Chowkbazar area.. For the last few weeks, Didi has been leading protests across the State against this unconstitutional law.

Several protest marches have been held in Kolkata, led by Mamata Banerjee. Trinamool Chhatra Parishad and Trinamool Mahila Congress have held sit-in demonstrations as well. 

Bangla is the only State to boycott the meeting on NPR called by the Union Government. At the inauguration of the Uttarbanga Utsav too she had said that there will be no NPR and CAA in Bangla. She assured the people that she would guard them 365 days a year.


Bangla gains highest success in recovering/ tracing missing children

After a delay of two years, the Crime in India report for 2017 has been released by the National Crime Records Bureau.

As per the report, Bangla registered the highest success in terms of children being recovered or traced in 2017. This jump in the index is largely due to the State’s improved performance in preventing human trafficking.

In 2017, 11,849 missing children below 18 years were recovered or traced in Bangla, which accounted for 16.82 per cent of all children traced (70,440) throughout the country.

In terms of crimes against women, Kolkata recorded 15 victims of rape and 53 victims of stalking in 2017, against 1,170 victims of rape and 472 victims of stalking in Delhi. As per the report, 3,59,849 cases of crimes against women were reported in the country.

Kolkata has also emerged as the safest among 19 cities (population of 20 lakh or more), including the metros, in terms of crimes committed per lakh population.

Ten-fold decrease in trafficking in Bangla

The latest National Crime Records Bureau report (crimes for 2017) has revealed that the number of cases related to trafficking in Bangla has undergone a ten-fold reduction.

From 3,579 in 2016 the number of trafficking cases reduced to 357 in 2017. Consequently, the number of victims below18 years who were trafficked has also decreased significantly – from 3,113 in 2016 to 319 in 2017.

Programmes like Swayangsinddha, mass awareness and active participation of the police at all levels are the primary reasons for these achievements.

Kolkata safest city, says NCRB report

Kolkata has emerged as the safest among 19 Indian cities, including the metros, in crimes committed per lakh population, according to the latest report of the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) published recently.

The crimes per lakh people fell from 159.6 in 2016 to 141.2 in 2017, which is significantly better than the national average of 469.2 for the 19 cities with a population of 20 lakh or more.

The city’s crime rate has, in fact, been on a downward slide for the past four years, with the total number of cases declining from 26,161 in 2014 to 19,925 in 2017, a decline of 31.3 per cent.

This dip in the crime rate is a result of improved policing following increased focus on infrastructure development, training and better manpower in the city police force.

Mamata Banerjee gives away Biswa Bangla Sharad Samman 2019

The Biswa Bangla Sharad Samman awards for 2019 were presented by Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee at a function at Nabanna Sabhaghar today.

The list for this year is as follows: 

Highlights of the chief minister’s speech:

UNESCO is going to enlist Durga Pujo in its List of Intangible Heritage. I will be the happiest person when the whole world will say that Durga Pujo is the greatest festival of Bangla.

Though there are carnivals held in other places across the world, over the last four years, the Durga Pujo Carnival we have been organising has caught the world’s attention.

I support constructive criticism, not negative, destructive criticism. I always stand by the motto: Think Positive, Be Positive.

The Biswa Bangla Sharad Samman is given to all clubs, irrespective of whether they are big or small. As a result of rewarding the smaller clubs, now they too have started thinking innovatively in every aspect of Durga Puja.

Many unknown clubs have become famous as a result of the Biswa Bangla Sharad Samman.

The livelihoods of lakhs of people depend on Durga Pujo. Durga Pujo and the various cultural programmes surrounding it are also the reasons for people meeting each other. My sole aim is to make Bangla the best in the world.

A mother is a mother – she has no religion, caste or creed. A mother can be given respect by giving her love. When some people start speaking negatively of the people and culture of Bangla, I feel sad. Bangla is the best.

Bengalis are spread all over the world and many are famous in their respective fields. I want to see more and more Bengalis getting success in all corners of the globe.

Kolkata Police ensuring security of the elderly during Durga Pujo

As part of Pronam, Kolkata Police’s initiative for senior citizens, special instructions are being issued to the elderly so that they can keep themselves safe during the period of Durga Pujo.

While the people are involved in revelry, miscreants can take the opportunity to attempt to steal from houses. Elderly people are especially vulnerable, and hence certain measures are being taken.

Last year, the police had distributed leaflets across the city to make people aware. To make the exercise more effective this time, police personnel have started interacting directly with senior citizens to make them aware of the issues.

Among the instructions being given are –

* Not to keep too much money or costly jewellery at home
* Keep any valuables in bank lockers
* Keep house properly locked if going out, and even otherwise, especially at night
* Inform local police station when going out of the city

Like last year, this year too Kolkata Police would be organising trips to local puja pandals for the members of the initiative, Pronam. Additionally this time, the trips would also include those who are not members of Pronam.

Honouring the legacy of Swami Vivekananda

The great follower of the philosophy of Swami Vivekananda that Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee is, she has named various schemes and places after this great son of Bangla. She has also ensured the renovation of buildings that have a historic connection to the great sage.

Here is a list of works of the Bangla Government done to preserve the legacy of Swami Vivekananda:

* Making Swami Vivekananda’s famous Chicago address part of the syllabus for schools under the Madhyamik Board

* Giving autonomy and special status to educational institutions run by Ramakrishna Sarada Mission

* Allotting 5 acres and allocating Rs 10 crore for the Centre for Human Excellence and Social Sciences being built by the Ramakrishna Mission in New Town, as a replica of the Art Institute of Chicago, where Vivekananda delivered his famous speeches in 1893; it has been named ‘Vivek Tirtha’ by Mamata Banerjee

* Acquiring and handing over of the premises adjoining Vivekananda’s ancestral house to Ramakrishna Mission

* Renovating ‘Mayer Bari’ in Baghbazar, Kolkata, where Maa Sarada, the wife of Sri Ramakrishna lived, at a cost of Rs 30 crore

* Acquiring Sister Nivedita’s house in Baghbazar and handing it over to Ramakrishna Sarada Mission, and giving it heritage status

* Allocating Rs 2 crore for the renovation of Roy Villa in Darjeeling, associated with Sister Nivedita, and handing it over to Ramakrishna Mission

* Building a skywalk connecting Dakshineswar railway station to the famous temple there; it was named Dakshineswar Rani Rashmoni Skywalk by Mamata Banerjee

* Renaming Yuba Bharati Krirangan after Swami Vivekananda, as Vivekananda Yuba Bharati Krirangan

* Naming the self-employment scheme run by the Self-Help and Self-Employment Department as Swami Vivekananda Swanirbhar Karmasansthan Prakalpa

* Naming the scholarship for students from economically disadvantaged families as Swami Vivekananda Merit-cum-Means Scholarship

* Organising Vivek Chetana Utsav from January 10 to 12 every year to commemorate the birth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda across the State (January 12 is celebrated as National Youth Day, being the birthday of Swami Vivekananda)

* State Assembly passing Bills for the setting up of two private universities – Sister Nivedita University (Bill passed in 2017) and Swami Vivekananda University (Bill passed in 2019)

Slums in Kolkata to be developed as model slums

The Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC) has decided to gradually improve the infrastructure of all the slums within its jurisdiction to transform them into model slums.

Till now, only selected slums were being developed as model slums. But now it has been decided to encompass all the slums in Kolkata under the scheme.

The first slum developed as a model slum was Hatgachia-1 in Ward 58, the work for which started in 2015. The work for redeveloping several more slums has started.

Since the areas and geography of slums are not uniform, the development would take place according to the conditions available.

In the current phase, 20 slums in the northern part of the city have been selected – 15 in Ward 3 (Belgachhia) and five in Ward 32 (Maniktala). Rs 1 crore has been allotted for each slum.

Among the aspects to be given stress are toilets, sewerage system (drains), drinking water, roads and pavements (using paver blocks) and lighting system (using LED lights). Gardens would be created to beautify the slums.

Tech giants investing in the MSME space in Bangla

Two of the world’s tech giants are firming up plans for providing help to people involved in sectors like MSME, agriculture, education, healthcare and e-governance in Bangla.


Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee recently announced that Microsoft will work towards creating an e-commerce platform for weavers in Bangla, through two projects, named ‘Sangam’ and ‘E-Web’.

The company will impart training to weavers and share its expertise in enhancing their skills. As a result of this initiative, about six lakh weavers will benefit. Their income will increase by 25 per cent.


Amazon Web Services (AWS), the cloud technology service platform of the e-commerce giant, Amazon, will offer learning content and promotional credit worth $100,000 to start-ups in the State, to enable them to develop innovative solutions addressing the requirement of the MSME industry in the State.

This was announced by the State Commerce & Industries and Finance Minister, Dr Amit Mitra, who added that this was the result of the MoU signed between WEBEL and AWS at the Bengal Global Business Summit (BGBS) last February.

Sources: The Statesman, Millennium Post, Livemint

Deaths due to road accidents – Kolkata the safest metro city

The latest data shows that Kolkata is the safest metro city in terms of occurrence of deaths due to road accidents. Kolkata Police officials say that the ‘Safe Drive Save Life’ (SDSL) campaign is primarily responsible for the success. This campaign is a brainchild of Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee.

In 2017, 318 fatal road accidents (that is, where there was loss of life) occurred in Kolkata, which caused the deaths of 329 people.

For Delhi the numbers for fatal road accidents and deaths were 1,565 and 1,584, respectively. For Mumbai, they were 467 and 490 respectively. For Chennai, 1,312 and 1,347, respectively, and for Bengaluru, 609 and 642, respectively.

Even in a small metro city like Pune, 360 fatal road accidents took place in 2017, which caused the deaths of 373 people.

Hence, Kolkata is head and shoulders above the rest of the cities, and SDSL campaign has had a major role to play in making roads safer and driving home awareness among the people.

Source: Bartaman