Deaths due to road accidents – Kolkata the safest metro city

The latest data shows that Kolkata is the safest metro city in terms of occurrence of deaths due to road accidents. Kolkata Police officials say that the ‘Safe Drive Save Life’ (SDSL) campaign is primarily responsible for the success. This campaign is a brainchild of Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee.

In 2017, 318 fatal road accidents (that is, where there was loss of life) occurred in Kolkata, which caused the deaths of 329 people.

For Delhi the numbers for fatal road accidents and deaths were 1,565 and 1,584, respectively. For Mumbai, they were 467 and 490 respectively. For Chennai, 1,312 and 1,347, respectively, and for Bengaluru, 609 and 642, respectively.

Even in a small metro city like Pune, 360 fatal road accidents took place in 2017, which caused the deaths of 373 people.

Hence, Kolkata is head and shoulders above the rest of the cities, and SDSL campaign has had a major role to play in making roads safer and driving home awareness among the people.

Source: Bartaman


Kolkata Police’s innovative campaign for road safety awareness

Kolkata Police (KP) has come up with another innovative way to reduce road accidents – using posters depicting scenes from famous films, both Bengali and Hindi, but with the original dialogues replaced with ones creating awareness about traffic safety rules.

A separate cell has been created by KP for this purpose. According to the police, such a move will draw the attention of people more quickly than just plain vanilla messages.

The bike scene from Sholay has been used well in this context – the one when the song ‘Ýeh dosti hum nahin todenge’ happens. Jai is shown saying, ‘Having fun, bro?’ to which Veeru replies, ‘Let’s try something different,’ and climbs on to Jai’s shoulder (second slide). The next scene shows a bloodied Jai lying on the ground, his head on Veeru’s lap, saying, ‘bro … paying the price of reckless driving.’

This series of posters has been posted in Twitter too. Seeing its popularity, Kolkata Police has decided to put up more such posters in the future.

Source: Sangbad Pratidin