Sukhendu Sekhar Ray raises a Point of Order regarding the responsibility of the Chair



Sir, this is my Point of Order under rule 259. When the Honourable Member was pressing for division, the Chair asked him to ensure that everybody goes back to their seats. But as per this rule, it is for the Chairman to do so. I quote: “The Chairman shall preserve order and shall have all powers necessary for the purpose of enforcing his decisions.” So, it is the duty of the Chair … (intervention by Chair)

Sukhendu Sekhar Ray raises a Point of Order regarding a personal explanation by a Member



Sir, under rule 231, a Member or a Minister, may, with the permission of the Chairman, make a personal explanation although there is no question before the House, but in such a case, no debatable matter may be brought forward and no debate shall arise.


Now, the Honourable Member, who was speaking on the Bill, mentioned my name and the names of other Members of Congress party and CPI(M) (and said) that we were in the Standing Committee and we did not oppose but here we are opposing. He was not in the committee at that point in time, therefore he has no direct knowledge but indirect knowledge, somebody has asked him to do so. I urge for time to give my note of dissent but it was not allowed and that is why I could not submit my note of dissent.


Secondly, just now, the Honourable Member has named my party and other parties that we are manipulating the voter list. This is bebuniyad, yeh bebuniyadi hain … (intervention by Chair)


Derek O’Brien raises a Point of Order regarding the Chairman’s power to enforce his decisions



Chairman Sir, please understand. We have all the regard for the Chair, we have all the regard for the rules but, Rule 259 – the same thing which you all did on the Farm Bills, you are doing today. We walk out of here, we walk out. There are no rules. 


Derek O’Brien raises the issue of giving a ruling on a Point of Order raised


Sir, you cannot take away my right. I have raised, and two other Members have raised, Points of Order. Parampara hain, Sir, please what is your ruling on the Point of Order? (intervention by Chairman) Where is it? Where is that thing on the Point of Order?


Saugata Roy opposes the introduction of The Prohibition of Child Marriage (Amendment) Bill, 2021



Rule 22(1). I beg to oppose the introduction of The Prohibition of Child Marriage (Amendment) Bill, 2021. As it is, I oppose the way in which the Government has brought this Bill in a hurry. This Bill needs total discussion amongst all the stakeholders. The minority people are totally opposed to this Bill. The IUML is opposed … (inaudble) (Speaker Interrupts)


Saugata Roy demands discussion on the mowing down of farmers by Union Minister’s son 


(This is regarding) the adjournment motion demanding the removal of Ajay Mishra Teni for his son’s involvement in mowing down four farmers who were agitating. Sir, this matter should be discussed in the House, and this minister … (inaudible)

Derek O’Brien raises Point of Order regarding the suspension of Members of the Rajya Sabha


Sir, you may not agree but the final decision is the Chair’s. Now you come to a rule regarding the suspension of the 12 Members. (intervention by Chairman) It can be discussed. It is beyond? (intervention by Chairman)


Sir, ek second, aap khud dekh lijiye. Please come to … Let us agree on one thing. The residual power is with the Chair. Today, I am not wearing this (pointing to himself). I am wearing a blue dress and coming to Parliament, yes, I am wearing a blue dress. The Chair is supreme, I am wearing a blue dress what can I do? But what about the suspension under Rule 256 (intervention by Chairman) 


Derek O’Brien raises Points of Order regarding the introduction of The Election Laws (Amendment) Bill, 2021


Point of Order 1

This is on the listing of the Bill today. Yeh jo Bill hainmain ek bar aap ko number deta hoon, Sir, yeh jhagda ka koi baat nahin hainmain aap ko Point of Order … Sir, one minute, I am just giving you the Rule number. First I always like to give you the page number, then it becomes easy for you and for me. Page number 26, Rule number 69. I am on a Point of Order on this listing now which you want to take up for consideration, (which is) The Election Laws (Amendment ) Bill, 2021. Sir, yeh dekh lijiye, Rule 69 sub-section 4, ek Point of Order. Record mein hai, kal yeh Bill Lok Sabha mein pass hua teen ya chaar baje ya uske aage. Aur yahan jo bol rahein hain is mein (Rule Book): “Provided that no such motion shall be made until after copies of the Bill have been made available for the use of members, and that any member may object to any such motion being made unless copies of the Bill have been so made available for two days before the day on which the motion is made, and such objection shall prevail, unless the Chairman allows the motion to be made.” 


So, Sir, the residual power lies with the Chairman. I have no problem admitting that, but Sir, listen to this: If a Bill was passed in the Lok Sabha yesterday at 3 pm, our right as Rajya Sabha MPs is to bring a Select Committee resolution, let’s say, Sir, where is the time provided? During the (passing of the) Farm Bills, seven of us brought resolutions, none of them was allowed a vote. I am seeking your protection, Sir. This Bill cannot be listed today. Two days, not even one day has passed; it is very clear. 


But anything can be done. You can also manufacture a majority in the Rajya Sabha by keeping 12 MPs outside. So anything can happen. (intervention by Chairman


Point of Order 2


Sir, let us look at Rule 123. This will be on page 41. Where have I got the time as a Member of this House to give you the resolution to send this Bill to a Select Committee? How can you be doing this, Sir? There is nothing left. You want to bring a Bill … listen, some of us Members … I am not getting into the merits and demerits. We can talk for 10 hours, this is a hopeless Bill, but I am not getting into that. I am on the procedure. You cannot. Where is my time to present a resolution asking for a Select Committee? Sir, you tell me this. (intervention by Chairman)

Md Nadimul Haque speaks on The Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances (Amendment) Bill, 2021


Sir, thank you for allowing me to speak on The Narcotics Drugs and Psychotropic Substances (Amendment) Bill. The previous speaker was speaking about the youth and future of this country. I am raising their voice through this couplet: Bachcha bachcha pooch raha hai acche din kab ayenge/ Amit Shah aur Teni ji kab kursi chod ke jayenge. Main toh yeh poochna chahta hoon ki iske saat saat insaaf bhi hona chahiye. Justice hona chahiye. Justice ka kya hoga jab Mantri khooni yahan par baithe huye hain aur hamare 12 suspended MPs bahar me hain. Is se bada nasha aur kya hoga. Bachcha bachcha pooch raha hai acche din kab ayenge … (Chair intervenes)

Kalyan Banerjee opposes the introduction of The Election Laws (Amendment) Bill, 2021


Sir, this is the Bill, this is the Bill. The entire democracy is being taken away in this way. This Bill needs a discussion. I tell you Sir, the Law Minister last week invited all the members of the Law and Justice Standing Committee and committed to them to send the Bill to the committee. Now, he is the master of the plan. He is just killing, he is killing, he is killing the entire plan … (Chair interrupts)