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September 11, 2019

Slums in Kolkata to be developed as model slums

Slums in Kolkata to be developed as model slums

The Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC) has decided to gradually improve the infrastructure of all the slums within its jurisdiction to transform them into model slums.

Till now, only selected slums were being developed as model slums. But now it has been decided to encompass all the slums in Kolkata under the scheme.

The first slum developed as a model slum was Hatgachia-1 in Ward 58, the work for which started in 2015. The work for redeveloping several more slums has started.

Since the areas and geography of slums are not uniform, the development would take place according to the conditions available.

In the current phase, 20 slums in the northern part of the city have been selected – 15 in Ward 3 (Belgachhia) and five in Ward 32 (Maniktala). Rs 1 crore has been allotted for each slum.

Among the aspects to be given stress are toilets, sewerage system (drains), drinking water, roads and pavements (using paver blocks) and lighting system (using LED lights). Gardens would be created to beautify the slums.