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September 24, 2019

Cannot let hard-earned freedom be squandered away: Didi

Cannot let hard-earned freedom be squandered away: Didi

Bangla Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee today emphasised that the freedom of the country was achieved after a lot of struggle and sacrifices made by freedom fighters, and cannot be squandered away at the whim of someone. She was speaking in the context of National Register for Citizens (NRC).

The CM asked people not to panic about NRC and reiterated that it will not be allowed in Bangla. “People who live in Bangla, cannot be driven away. I am making this commitment standing in the birthplace of Vidyasagar. We will not allow NRC in Bangla. Irrespective of our religion, caste, creed, or linguistic identity, we are all one. We are human beings. This is our culture,” she said.

The CM also said: “Bangla led the way in reforms, education. The soil of Bangla is purer than gold. Bangla cannot be intimidated. Bangla cannot be insulted. We must respect all languages, but never forget our own mother language.”