Bengalathon 2019: Focus on senior citizen support

The third edition of the highly popular annual hackathon organised by the State Information Technology and Electronics (IT&E) Department, Bengalathon, was launched yesterday, that is, August 15.

The focus this year is on harnessing technology for elderly care, said a senior official of the IT&E Department.

Innovative ideas are also being invited in the areas of face recognition, solid waste management, road safety, health, citizen feedback, water quality monitoring, smart water metering, soil productivity, quick accident response and open data platform.

An example of elderly care using technology is the app-based digital visitor control system that HIDCO is setting up at Snehodiya, the senior citizen’s home in New Town. This will enable security guards at the gate to monitor the entry and exit of all visitors electronically and notify the facility manager or resident by SMS.

Bengalathon is an India-wide competition meant to recognise and promote innovative ideas on tech-based interventions for a better life. Through this competition, the State Government is trying to position Bangla as the best in using emerging technologies to provide solutions for real-life challenges.

TiE, a non-profit organisation, helps in linking the winners to global enterprises, for funding and further technical support.

Source: Millennium Post


Abir Ranjan Biswas makes a Special Mention on the conversion of railway underpass into motorable road


Ranaghat is a very busy and important railway junction, with five important routes passing through it, including an international one connecting Dhaka. The track runs through the middle of Ranaghat municipality, dividing it into two halves, with nearly all public amenities lying on the western half including its court, its police station, the SDO’s office, the tehsildar’s office and all other administrative offices, and also its subdivisional superspeciality hospital which caters to the needs of millions of people of the subdivision and to the populations of contiguous SC-populated administrative blocks of Nadia and the adjoining district of North 24 Parganas, apart from five close-by municipalities, including two SC-populated ones, one of which hosts 90 per cent scheduled castes.

Three railway level crossings hold the passage to cross over from the eastern to the western part to access all the amenities. But because of the busy railway routes, the level crossings are kept closed frequently, specially during the night. The movement of very long freight trains on the international route, carrying goods to Bangladesh, also occur. All three gates remain closed for long periods of time barring access to the hospital. This often has fatal consequences for seriously ill patients and pregnant mothers. A large number of deaths caused due to detaining at the level crossings have made the people very apprehensive and circumspect, fearful about their own lives and of their near and dear ones.

Since the last three years, the people have been demanding a solution through the conversion of a recently constructed underpass into a motorable way, with a little modification, assuring millions of safety and survival.

In support of this demand, there have been continuous rail blockages on a number of occasions, when railway authorities pacified them by giving assurance but delivered nothing to the despair of one and all. Hence, I implore upon the Railway Minister to realise the gravity of the matter and ensure the much-solicited conversion of the underpass into a motorable road.

BJP will lose its deposits if elections are held on ballot papers: Abhishek Banerjee

All India Trinamool Congress organised protest marches across Bangla today against the rising prices of fuel and other essential commodities. Leading the protests in South Kolkata was TMYC National President Abhishek Banerjee.

After the protest march from Golpark to Hazra, he addressed the gathering. He said that if elections are held on ballot papers, BJP will lose its deposits.

Highlights of his speech:

All of you are aware that yesterday, our chief minister, Mamata Banerjee had a meeting with the Trinamool Congress MLAs wherein a multi-pronged approach to ensure better reach of the State Government’s various schemes was taken.

It is on her instructions that we are organising these protests today, against the sudden spike in the prices of petrol, diesel and cooking gas brought about by the Central Government. Despite being organised at short notice, you all have participated whole-heartedly in the protests and therefore we are thankful to all of you.

Unlike the BJP Government at the Centre, our government in the State did not come about with the help of the CRPF and the Election Commission.

Our government was elected to power with the help of the love and affection of the people of Bangla. Therefore even if the BJP Government wants, it will not succeed in toppling our government.

Our loss in the just-concluded Lok Sabha election did not come about because of loss of popularity but because of the transferring of the CPI(M) votes to the BJP.

Despite the decrease in the number of seats from 34 in 2014 to 22 in 2019, our vote percentage increased from 39 per cent to 44 per cent. Out of the 42 Lok Sabha seats in Bangla, Trinamool Congress has increased the vote percentage by 5 per cent in 41 seats.

Also, all the party offices captured by the BJP over the last few days have been captured back by us. Let me warn others, if you start doing politics using force, be prepared to go all the way.

Let me warn the BJP, you may have more than 300 MPs in Parliament but each of our 22 MPs is capable of putting up a fight with 20 of yours.

One must remember that despite the BJP, CRPF, Election Commission, Reserve Bank of India, CBI, ED and Income Tax Department on one side and the leader of our State, Mamata Banerjee alone on the other, we have managed to increase our vote percentage 44 per cent and halted the BJP’s shameless effort at bringing about religious polarisation in our State in its tracks.

The BJP has swept through Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh but has been stopped from achieving its target here.

Our fight will continue, for which we will give a renewed call at the annual July 21 (Ekushe July) rally. Mamata Banerjee’s Ekushe July rally in 1993 was for enforcing the ‘no identity card no vote’ policy, her rally in 2019 will be for bringing back voting through ballot paper in order to save democracy as we have caught the BJP’s tactics of hacking EVMs. The BJP will lose its deposits if elections are held on ballot papers.

Like so many times previously, we have once again hit the streets to protest against the burden brought on to the common man’s shoulder by increasing the prices of fuels. This is what Trinamool Congress is all about – always by the side of the people, unlike other political parties.

For every serious issue that the country is facing, like rising unemployment, farmer suicides and others, Narendra Modi has only one answer – chanting ‘Jai Shri Ram’. This is what Bharatiya Janata Party is all about.

The BJP may chant ‘Jai Shri Ram’ or ‘Jai Maa Kali’’ as much as they want, but will only go for ‘Jai Hind’, ‘Joy Bangla’ and ‘Vande Mataram’. We don’t confuse politics with religion.

My best wishes to all my Muslim brothers and sisters on the occasion of Eid tomorrow, and my best wishes are also there with all my Hindu brothers and sisters who celebrated the ‘Tirodhan Dibas’ of Baba Loknath yesterday.

On June 6, Trinamool Congress workers will organise massive protest marches on the issue of fuel price hike in all the 144 wards of Kolkata Municipal Corporation.

We won’t stop till we throw the BJP out of power. We will protest inside Parliament, outside Parliament, in blocks, cities, towns and villages.

I ask all of you to rise up against the BJP, which vandalised the statue of a person as great as Ishwarchandra Vidyasagar.

The time for resting is over. We must all gear up to fight with all our might and ensure that in 2021, the BJP is given a burial through democratic means, the BJP which is out to destroy the culture of our State.

The people of the country have also realised that there is only one leader who can take the fight to the BJP, and that leader is Mamata Banerjee.

The BJP leaders are saying that Mamata Banerjee would be sent 10 lakh postcards with ‘Jai Shri Ram’ written on them. But before they could do that, we have sent them 25 lakh WhatsApp messages containing ‘Joy Bangla’, ‘Jai Hind’ and ‘Mamata Banerjee Zindabad’.

He promised ‘Achhey Din’, instead Modi has destroyed the country: Abhishek Banerjee at Kaliganj

All India Trinamool Congress MP Abhishek Banerjee today addressed a public meeting at Kaliganj in the Krishnanagar Lok Sabha Constituency in Nadia district.

Highlights of his speech:

I welcome all present here today to this rally and showed their support for Trinamool Congress.

If woman power is behind you, no other power can harm you.

There is a huge difference between the elections that were held in 2009 and 2014, and the election being held in 2019.

Our fight is against a power that has been using government agencies like the CBI and ED to spread fear among people. Mamata Banerjee is the only leader who could not be subdued by such threats.

Mamata Banerjee has given the clarion call to drive out the BJP of Bangla.

Bangla is the land of renaissance. Bangla showed the way during the freedom struggle.

Bengal has been the force behind mass movements such as that of Ekushey July, Netai, Singur, Nandigram, Bantala, Dhantala and Keshpur.

Bangla has never tolerated divisive politics.

Bangla is the land of Swami Vivekananda, Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose, Ishwarchandra Vidyasagar, Matangini Hazra and Ram Mohan Roy. The people of today need to follow that glorious tradition.

Our fight is not only for Ranaghat or the district of Nadia, but for winning all the 42 seats in the State.

Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose once said, “Give me blood and I will give you freedom,” and Mamata Banerjee has now given the call to win all 42 out of 42 seats to ensure for you a progressive, peaceful, secular and developed India.

We have done a lot of developmental work.

If there is comparison made between Modi and Didi in terms of developmental work, the former will lose badly.

‘Achhey Din’ never came. GST and demonetisation destroyed the country. GDP has dropped by 2%.

The country has become financially bankrupt.

The prime minister of the country is asking for votes in the name of the army, in the name of religion.

They have taken away the savings of the poor during demonetisation. And on top of that, they have built a seven-star party head office in Delhi.

Should the youth vote for such a BJP?

In the name of ‘Acchey Din’, the prices of cooking gas, petrol, diesel and kerosene have been increased.

The prime minister used to call himself a tea-seller, now he calls himself a chowkidar. But nobody has seen him selling tea at any time. Our chief minister, on the other hand, is still her humble self – still living in a small, tile-roofed house, from where she governs the 10 crore people of the State, ensuring the wave of development reaches every one of them.

The BJP talks about ‘imam bhata’ (stipend for imams) and ‘moazeem bhata’ (stipend for moazzems) being given out of the money you pay as tax. But that’s a falsehood being spread by them.

That money is taken out of fund of the Waqf Board, as ordered by the Supreme Court of India, and the money you pay as tax, all of it is spent on the various developmental schemes that the Trinamool Government has undertaken.

Mamata Banerjee had decided to give Rs 10,000 as a grant to Durga Puja committees across the State. And what did we see? The BJP, CPI(M) and Congress ganged up the next day and filed a case against us, calling the move Muslim appeasement.

We have respect for all religions. The only religion we follow is humanism. Our job is to ensure that all people get the benefits of government schemes.

The candidates of the other parties are making a lot of promises too. But all of them will be vanquished in the coming days and will never be seen again. .

We have all seen the seasonal insects (‘shyama poka’) that come to our homes during the Diwali period, which fly away after a few days. The same is the case with the BJP leaders who are now promising you so many things.

But Trinamool Congress has always stood beside the people – on all occasions, for every reason, at all times.

‘Acchey Din’’ has come only for the son of Amit Shah, whose company’s income increased from Rs 50,000 to Rs 80 crore in one year. People are disgusted because they have lost all their money.

How much black money has been recovered through demonetisation? Nothing.

After the election, the BJP must be driven out – all of us here must take this oath today.

People like Vijay Mallya and Mehul Choksi have fled the country after stealing huge amounts of money from the people in spite of the Chowkidar being present.

Modi is talking about ‘Make in India’ when the car he is using is made in Germany,

The government has funds for a Rs 3,000-crore statue and the bullet train project but not for social schemes.

Should you vote for the people who have terrorised the people of Nadia? The BJP is creating communal tensions between Hindus and the Muslims.

Some people are saying, Hindus are in danger while some are saying, Muslims are in danger. But if one sees things after removing the spectacles of distortion, one will realise that the whole nation is in danger.

The BJP came to power in 2014 with Swami Vivekananda supposedly in their hearts and minds but has not had the intention of giving recognition to Belur Math.

Our current prime minister has taken the country 200 years back.

Therefore vote for Mahua Moitra and through that, ensure that Mamata Banerjee become stronger. Mamata Banerjee is the only solution to all the ills that have befallen the country.


Only a matter of time before Trinamool is declared winner in Balurghat: Abhishek Banerjee at Kushmandi

Trinamool Congress MP Abhishek Banerjee addressed a public meeting at Harahar Ground in Kushmandi, which is in the Balurghat Lok Sabha constituency.

Highlights of his speech:

Seeing the enthusiasm here today, I can safety tell my leader Mamata Banerjee that the people of Balurghat are all for Trinamool Congress.

Arpita Ghosh is standing from here for the second consecutive time. Hope you all will support her and elect her.

I can see many cameras here. I challenge everyone to prove me wrong in anything that I say here today. I speak solely on the basis of facts, and don’t try to confuse people unlike some people.

Elections are happening in two constituencies in Bangla today, and I have credible information that the manner in which the people are voting, Trinamool Congress will win both the seats.

Hence out of the 42 seats, we have already won got two seats. Therefore, we need to win 40 out of 40 now.

I can say with conviction Arpita Ghosh will win by two lakh votes.

This seat, and the election in general this time, is very crucial. This fight is between our Agnikanya Didi and the communal Modi.

The BJP has scared other leaders into keeping quiet, but they couldn’t do that to Mamata Banerjee.

Nothing that Modi had promised – ‘achhe din’, two crore jobs per year, roads, engineering colleges, etc. – has come true.

In the name of ‘achhe din’, he brought about ‘notebandi’ for the people, along with all the related desperation, while he himself toured foreign countries in luxury.  

He had said ‘sabka saath sabka vikas’ and what did he do instead? Price cooking gas cylinders at more than Rs 900 a kg and build a seven-star party office in Delhi.

Two months back the price of cooking gas was Rs 977 per cylinder. Then there was a sudden climbdown. The reason was the BJP’s massive loss in five State elections.

Similarly, the prices of atta, kerosene, petrol and diesel, and rates of GST, came down.

Therefore, it has been proved that the more you defeat the BJP, the more the prices of everything will decrease.

The BJP is trying to buy out the people of Bangla, but Bangla will never allow that, whatever happens in other States.

For us, religion is personal, for practicing in our homes, and not for achieving political ends.

However, for elected representatives, there is only one religion – humanism – and their duty is to ensure that the fruits of development reach every corner of their constituency.

Trinamool Congress has nothing to learn from a party which has done nothing for the people. We have always believed in serving the people.

All of you wanted money to be spent for the development of Balurghat, and what did you see instead? Rs 3,000 crore spent on a statue, and a pittance in comparison for Beti Bachao Beti Padhao, which is for the development of girls.

Therefore the intention of Modi is only to show-off, and not to serve the people.

Modi believes in ‘Jai Shri Ram’, but only for his own ends.

The way Trinamool Congress works for the people, no party does.

Modi called himself a simple chaiwallah, but he was never a real chaiwallah, nobody had seen him selling tea; on the other hand, our Mamata Banerjee has always led a simple life – governing the 10 crore people of the State from the same humble house where she had always lived in.

During the massive floods in the State, Mamata Banerjee had visited areas in knee-deep water to know first-hand and feel for herself the miseries of the people.

With due respect to the other chief ministers of Bangla, none of them ever did this kind of work, or had this kind of involvement in the welfare of their people.

Mamata Banerjee has come to Balurghat again and again and every time, brought with her bouquets of development for the people.

People stood in long queues during demonetisation, hoping things will improve. But they are in same state, still living in poverty.

Therefore choose wisely and vote for the party which has brought development for you.  

The Centre has again and again backed out of providing any help to Bangla. The changing of the name of the State to ‘Bangla’’ has not been passed in two years.

Despite the State Government providing 40 per cent of the funds, the Centre wanted the name of the scheme to be ‘Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana’. We just wanted what was just, that the scheme be named ‘Bangla Gram Sadak Yojana’.

The BJP leaders have never cared for Bangla. They are lecturing here, giving speeches about their so-called concern for yet, yet leave alone everything else, they can’t even read a single word of Bengali.

Farmer suicides have spread across the country; 150 people have been killed while just standing in queues.

As a result of GST, many small businesses were closed, and they were owned by people of all religions, including Hindus. So is this the way you work for the welfare of Hindus, as you proudly boast of doing?

After demonetisation, black money and terrorism, which were supposed to have stopped, have only increased. An example is the Pulwama blast, where 350kg of RDX was used.

The BJP keeps note of who what eats in their homes yet was not aware of how so much explosive was smuggled into the country to cause the blast in Pulwama.

You say you work for the jawans of our country. Yet look at their State. You all know how, a few months back, a video went viral of a BSF jawan complaining about the pathetic quality of his daily food. And what was the done for him? He was sacked from his job. All of you know that the same jawan has stood against Narendra Modi in Varanasi.

I challenge Modi take action against me if I have told a lie.

I don’t stab in the back; I say whatever I have to say on the face.

Over the last five years, Arpita Ghosh has come here again and again to know about your problem, and has raised your demands in Parliament. She has come here repeatedly despite the long distance from her home.

Therefore vote for her once more this time, and be assured that there will be double the development of the last five years in the next five.

There has been development in every field, in every sector, for every person.

The prime minister had promised for everyone Rs 15 lakh, but none of you can say that you have received that amount. What did you get in its stead? Waves of development, in the form of schemes like Kanyashree, Yuvashree, Rupashree, rice at Rs 2 per kg and so many others. Mamata Banerjee always delivers on her promises.

After May 23, a new government will be formed at the Centre, and rest assured that the prices of fuels and cooking gas, and GST rates will all come down.

People like Nirav Modi and Vijay Mallya were allowed to loot the people’s money and escape from the country. On the other hand, Mamata Banerjee ensured that Sudipta Sen was caught, even from a far corner of Kashmir, and brought to justice.

The Centre has imposed GST on biscuits that we eat everyday at a rate of 18 per cent while on gold biscuits that only the super-rich buy, at 3 per cent. This is the real face of Modi.

Practising real Hinduism is not about teaching divisiveness, but about having confidence in its values, including that of inculcating respect for other religions.

Mamata Banerjee has done for people of all religions much more than Modi has done, even for those in BJP-ruled States.

There has been a huge improvement in the conducting of the Gangasagar Mela, and improvement in many other ways, like the creation of the Tarakeswar Develeopment Authority, construction of the international-standard Dakshineswar Skywalk, and the planning for a skywalk in Kalighat.

Modi has done a scam of Rs 3,000 crore in the name of cleaning the Ganga – Namami Gange is the name.

Yesterday, the Pakistan prime minister said Pakistan prefers Modi. And Pakistan is our enemy. The Pakistan prime minister, the ISI, Nirav Modi, Mehul Choksi – our enemies – all want Modi.

The BJP has sent greetings not even once on the occasion of Durga Puja, the biggest festival in the lives of Bengalis.

We give ‘imam bhata’ (stipend for imams) and ‘moazzem bhata’ (stipend for moazzems) taking from the Waqf board, as per the directions of the Supreme Court, and not from the tax you pay us.

Your money we spend on the various development schemes that have brought so much change on your lives.

Last year, our government had decided to give Rs 10,000 each to 28,000 Durga Puja committees in the State. Instead of supporting this decision, the BJP, CPI(M) and Congress went to court the next day, calling the move Hindu appeasement. This is the kind of care and concern they have for the people of the State.

By calling themselves Ram bhakts, the BJP people are actually insulting Ram. The real Ram did a lot of sacrifice, including spending 14 years in exile.

You be happy with your Ram, but we have our Durga, with whom stands the people of the entire country, from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. You are on your way to being chased away by our Durga.

The BJP will realise May 23 what the Trinamool is really capable of.

Vote for Trinamool Congress, vote for Arpita Ghosh, and you will see a lot more development here in the coming days. Defeat every other party.

Netaji had once said – give me blood and I will give you freedom; now Mamata Banerjee has given the call for Bangla – give me 42 out of 42 Lok Sabha seats, and I’ll give you a progressive and secular government at the Centre

Jai Hind. Namaskar.



Theft of Rafale files – Mamata Banerjee calls it ‘tamasha’

Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on March 7 said the theft of Rafale files from the Union Ministry of Defence was a matter of concern and demanded an enquiry into it.

She also sought the central government’s version about the theft and asked who was the ‘chhuppa rustam’ (hidden person) behind this act.

In a tweet in Hindi, Banerjee, also the Trinamool Congress Chairperson, described the entire matter as ‘tamasha’ (farce) and hinted that its fallout would be known after the Lok Sabha elections.

“What farce is going on in the country? Documents are being stolen from the Ministry of Defence itself. This is a very dangerous situation for the country,” she tweeted.

“What would the government say on this? Who is the hidden person behind this? There must be an enquiry into it,” she added.

The chief minister asked the people to “wait for some time as general election results would come out soon”.

Bangla Fasal Bima Yojana: State Govt to pay 100% of the premium

Starting from the next financial year, that is, 2019-20, the State Government has decided to pay the full amount of the premium to farmers for the crop insurance scheme, Bangla Fasal Bima Yojana (BFBY). The full premium includes the Centre’s share, the State’s share and the farmers’ share.

This was announced recently during the course of a press conference by Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee.

Till now, the Bangla Government used to pay 80 per cent of the premium, that is, the State Government’s share and the farmers’ share.

Now, the State Government has decided that it would no longer take the help of the Centre as, despite paying the lion’s share, the Centre used to take all the credit by making it mandatory for the prime minister’s picture to be there on all promotional and other materials for the scheme.

The State Agriculture has already completed the procedures required for the new structure of the scheme. The State Government has also brought in certain changes to the scheme to make it more attractive for farmers so that more and more of them opt for it.

Farmers would now be able to get their crops insured against less earnings due to loss in production as a result of unfavourable weather or damages due to heavy rain, fire, lightning, storms, cyclones, typhoons, tornadoes, hailstorms, floods, droughts, and damages by insects and organisms like fungi, bacteria, viruses, etc.

In recent years, among the help provided by the State Government to farmers include paying almost 30 lakh farmers about Rs 1,200 crore for damages to their crops due to floods and droughts, waiving off of the agricultural tax and mutation fee, and the latest, introduction of the Krishak Bandhu Scheme.



Source: Sangbad Pratidin


We want everyone in our State to be happy, this is the world of Maa-Mati-Manush: Bangla CM in Bajkul

Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee was present today at a public function at Bajkul in Purba Medinipur district. She inaugurated a number of projects and laid the foundation stones of many more. She told the residents of the newly-created district that the State Government is committed to the development of the district.

Salient points of her speech:

  • I am extending my welcome to all of you to this public meeting
  • We want, along with boys, girls too to rise up in society
  • Medinipur is the birthplace of stalwarts like Vidyasagar, Matangini Hazra and Khudiram; this region carries a lot of historic legacy.
  • I have never forgotten the infamous incidents that took place in Medinipur, Heria, Patashpur, Egra and Panskura. We have not forgotten how our party’s worker, Sujata was tortured and killed in Khejuri. I was detained in Chandipur, where people were waiting with acid bulbs. My car was blocked with bamboo poles in Kolaghat, and sweared at – I have been tortured in various ways.
  • If anyone tries to scare me, I roar back. I love to protest. Once the governor (Gopal Gandhi) sent me a message through an intermediary that I would be killed, still I went to Kolaghat. IMy way was blocked all through the night. I was tried to be prevented with all their strength from reaching Nandigram, but I still went there. We couldn’t save many people. Many were killed and their bodies floated down the Haldi river. Many were never heard from again.
  • We will never forget the incident of Netai, where seven people were shot dead one after the other, and then women were forced into slavery. In Chhoto Angaria and Benepukur, people were killed and their bodies buried inside walls. Many people still don’t know about these. But the people of Bangla will never forget these incidents.
  • A six-month-old child was snatched from the father, a person’s hand was hacked off at Kandua in Amta, our party workers’ eyes were gouged out in Daspur because they had painted posters. They burned alive 19 Ananda Margis on Bijon Setu. In Jangalmahal, every year, 400 people used to be killed.
  • We have rescued the people of Bangla from the hands of the harmads of CPI(M). These harmads have now shamelessly joined the BJP.
  • Of which party is he a leader, the one who lead the murder spree in Nandigram? I don’t want to spell out the name. There is no place for harmads in the Trinamool Congress. When people used to be carried away by floods in villages in Kapaleswar and Keleghai, where were these leaders? They just know how to talk big.
  • Now a university named after Mahatma Gandhi is coming up in Tamluk and a medical college has already come up. A lot of developments have happened in Digha – international convention centre, Biswa Bangla Park, roads, polytechnic college, ITI, multi-superspeciality hospital, food processing centre. A drinking water project is coming up at a cost of Rs 1,100 crore. A power plant has come up in Kolaghat.
  • The Centre is denying the implementation of the Ghatal Master Plan for a long time. If the plan is implemented, flooding would largely be reduced.
  • A 120-bed hospital has come up in Contai.
  • When I was railway minister, I ensured completion of the Digha-Contai railway line in nine months. Today the people of Bajkul are going on that route regularly.
  • I had planned a line till Nandigram, but the Centre us delaying. If we come to power at the Centre, we will ensure completion.
  • About 20 Karmatirthas have come up, seven more are in the offing.
  • Seven Kisan Mandis have come up, cold storages too. Fish cultivation in the village of Moyna has been accepted as a model for Bangla.
  • We give free-of-cost chickens, ducks and goats to the poor. We want to set up big duck farms like chicken farms. Those interested please contact your respective BDPOs and gram panchayats.
  • Kanyashree beneficiaries earlier used to get Rs 750 per year, now it is Rs 1,000. If they remain unmarried till the age of 18, they get an additional one-time grant of Rs 25,000.
  • Under the K3 level, Kanyashree-enrolled girls, if pursuing postgraduation, get Rs 2,000 per months for arts streams and Rs 2,500 per month for science streams.
  • Already 50 lakh girls have enrolled under Kanyashree. This is set to increase by many times.
  • Under the Sikshashree Scheme, scheduled caste and scheduled tribe students from classes V to VIII are getting scholarships; about 75 lakh get scholarships.
  • 1.7 crore students from minority communities are getting scholarships.
  • Kendu leaf-pickers have been brought under the Samajik Suraksha Scheme.
  • For every child born, the mother is being given a sapling. This will grow up along with the child. When fully grown, the tree will be worth Rs 2 lakh. The tree can then be sold to help the child with the money.
  • Under the Rupashree Scheme, those families with annual income of less than Rs 1.5 lakh will get a grant of Rs 25,000 for their daughters’ wedding.
  • Under Samajik Suraksha Scheme, unorganised workers are provided a pension of Rs 1,500 when they cross 60, Rs 6,000 is given for their children’s studies and a one-time grant of Rs 2 lakh is given. If someone dies a natural death before crossing 60, the family gets Rs 50,000 and for an unnatural death, the family gets Rs 10 lakh. Folk artistes who are beneficiaries under Lok Prasar Parkalpa also come under this scheme.
  • Under the Lok Prasar Prakalpa, a grant of Rs 1,000 per month is given. Then, their talents are used for advertising all government schemes.
  • Under Mabhoi Scheme, journalists are provided medical insurance and pension after retirement.
  • The retirement ages of contractual and casual workers, ICDS and ASHA workers, and civic volunteers have been increased to 60. They have also been included under the Swasthya Sathi medical insurance scheme.
  • Earlier, the Centre used to give 90 per cent of the salary of ICDS workers, now it gives 30 per cent. As a result, the State Government has to spend Rs 1,000 more per person per month. The salary of ASHA workers has also been raised by Rs 1,000, of civic volunteers by Rs 5,000 (3,000 to 8,0000). The salary of para-teachers and contractual teachers has also been increased.
  • The Pranimitras used to get Rs 400 per months under the Left Front Government, now they get Rs 1,500.
  • The people of our State buy rice at the rate of Rs 2 per kg, which is availed by almost 8 crore people.
  • Treatment id free in government hospitals. Under Swasthya Sathi, up to Rs 5 lakh is provided for treatment is private hospitals. Mid-day meals, and steel plates and glasses are given to children. Under the ICDS, mothers are given treatment for free.
  • As soon a woman gets pregnant, she is allotted an additional Rs 6,000 for the next year.
  • Maternity leave of a total of 731 days is given, and paternity leave of one month.
  • If a poor person dies, Rs 2,000 is given to the family to conduct the last rites.
  • 1 crore students have been given bicycles as part of the Swasthya Scheme.
  • The people of Bangla are culture-minded, humanists, civilised.
  • Our government has waived off tax and mutation fee on agricultural land.
  • Be it flood or drought, I always stand by the people. We have helped 30 lakh people with a cumulative amount of Rs 1,200 crore.
  • We have set up custom hiring centres for farmers to take on lease agricultural equipments.
  • We are giving grants for farmers to cultivate potatoes.
  • Rice growers’ MSP has been increased from Rs 1,550 per quintal to Rs 1,750.
  • Earlier teachers didn’t get salaries on time, now they get on the 1st of every month.
  • We have provided vocational training to six lakh students, which increase to 12 lakh in the next two years.
  • We are recruiting teachers for providing education in different languages.
  • One lakh civic volunteers are being recruited.
  • Everyone was affected badly by demonetisation. Many people lost their jobs.
  • Many workers were chased away from Gujarat. We don’t do any such thing.
  • They are driving away Bengalis from Assam, Biharis from Gujarat. Names of 40 lakh voters have been deleted in Assam of whom 23 lakh are Bengalis.
  • Where was the BJP then? Now they are suddenly showing faux feelings for Hindus. Did the BJP teach how to do Durga Puja, Kali Puja and Eid? The Hindu religion has existed for thousands of years. So have the Vedas, Ramayana, Mahabharata, Gita, Bible, Quran, Granth Sahib existed for many, many years.
  • The BJP is scaring people into submission by offering crores of rupees, and taking out Ravan Yatras all over the country. They are asking people about their religions, castes and gotras. Seems as if someone has given them the responsibility?
  • They are calling Hanumans as Dalits, murdering minorities, chasing away Hindus, torturing Christians.
  • A policeman who was the investigating officer of a case was murdered. We have sympathy for his family. People are being murdered through fake encounters.
  • The BJP leaders are each a dacoit leader, ordering people what to do from their perch of power in Delhi. They do not about Hinduism, nor about Islam or Christianity. Neither are they aware of humanism. They promote hatred in the name of religion.
  • Why did 12,000 farmers commit suicide in a BJP-ruled State? Why do they not respect people of all religions? Why do they kill people and instigate riots?
  • If I am attacked I react. We had led a struggle for 34 years. We have led many movements.
  • Let me tell those CPI(M) supporters who are joining the BJP, we will also defeat you politically. We not let harmads remain here. They are jealous of the fact that people are peacefully living here.
  • I am instructing all panchayat officials to ensure that everyone who is eligible gets rice at Rs 2 per kg and the benefits under all schemes.
  • We have built houses for 40 lakh poor people. We will build more in the coming days.
  • We have to repay to the Centre a debt of Rs 48,000 crore every year, by borrowing from others. Despite this, we are able to provide rice at Rs 2 per kilo, almost free treatment in government hospitals, houses for the poor. Almost 90 per cent of the population are part of one scheme of the other.
  • We want to continue with our good work. Many roads and bridges are being constructed in this district, because of which many more tourists will be able to come. We want to ensure that your children do not have to go out of here to find work by creating opportunities here. We are helping people in Mandarmani to set up homestays for tourists so that they can earn from their own homes.
  • We are trying our best. A rice godown is being built 10km from Bajkul. Hence, as you can see, a lot of work is being done. Do good work, and work together, let there be all-round development of this district.
  • Today, Kanyashrees of the State stop child marriages, protest against crimes, and do many other types of good work for society. Kanyashree clubs have been set up. I want them to be examples for the whole world because they will never bow their heads in fear, they will build society.
  • I want to tell the Sabooj Sathi beneficiaries that Bangla is the first State where scholarships have been instituted for the economically backward. All people get opportunities irrespective of religion. You have to love all religions equally.
  • A lot of industries are coming up in Bangla. A port is coming up in Tajpur, which will lead to further development of the district. Women have to progress more, they will have to have a greater role in building society. The society where women are backward can never progress.
  • Religion is one’s own, festivals are for all. Everyone has to keep this in mind. Those who are spreading hatred in the name of religion know neither Islam nor any other religion. They are finishing off the whole country, looting banks, killing farmers. They want to destroy society through riots. They don’t want to create good people, just brutes. We tell people to be good citizens. We want everyone in our State to be happy. Rural Bangla is our lifeblood. Even those who stay in towns and cities love the village life. Many of us have a connection to some village. This is the world of Maa-Mati-Manush, which has taught us to live happily.
  • I want to know from our Kanyashree girls – you will be world leaders, won’t you? You will have to become doctors; we have a shortage of doctors.
  • We all have to hold our heads high. No work is bad. Rather, those who don’t work become lazy and full of evil ideas. An idle mind is the devil’s workshop. If we work, it is but natural for us to fall ill too, but overall work keeps us in a healthy state.
  • Stay well, keep your minds fresh. Jai Hind, Khuda Hafiz, Jai Johar.

Here are 10 major points that Mamata Banerjee has made against demonetisation

1. While we are strongly against black money and corruption, we are deeply concerned about the common people, the small traders. How will they buy essentials tomorrow? This is financial chaos, disaster let loose on the common people of India. He (the Prime Minister) could not get back the promised black money from abroad, hence so much drama.

2. We want to know from the Prime Minister how our poorest brothers and sisters, who’ve received their week’s hard-earned wages in one Rs 500 notes, will buy atta, rice, etc. tomorrow. This is a heartless and ill-conceived blow to the common people, middle class, agricultural cooperatives, tea garden workers, unorganised labour sector, shopkeepers, farmers and small businesses. All will suffer. There will be deaths due to starvation.

3. Trinamool means ‘grassroots’. Trinamool Congress is the voice of the people. More than 150 people have died. Lives have been ruined irrespective of caste, community and creed. This is not merely an inconvenience, this is the killing of the economy.

4. During a year, the three months from December to February are the most productive time for construction and development projects. Now everything is shut, progress is halted. The tea garden and jute mill workers are not receiving their salaries and are in distress. The transport sector has been hit.

5. The Centre has given exemption from demonetisation to all its sectors – railways, transport, petroleum – but the State Government-controlled agricultural cooperatives have not been permitted to exchange currency. This is not federalism; states have shut down.

6. Trinamool Congress raised the issue of black money in Parliament in 1998. Trinamool MPs staged a demonstration against black money both inside and outside Parliament in 2014. What is the Government doing about electoral reforms? We have been raising the issue of electoral reforms for two decades. Eighty per cent of donations received by parties are from ‘unknown sources’.

7. Demonetisation is a big black scandal. People are suffering. This is a grim situation. We have offered concrete suggestions. One of the suggestions offered is to allow old and new Rs 500 currency notes to function parallelly. If you had to keep demonetisation a secret, what prevented you from printing more Rs 100 notes and other smaller denominations?

8. Four out of five villages in India do not have a bank. We all want to have a cashless society. But 95 per cent of debit cards in India are not used to buy anything, only to withdraw cash. One minister may want to buy his vegetables and do his laundry with plastic, but not everybody can.

9. It is not that everyone who is opposing the government’s policy is supporting black money, is corrupt or anti-national. The Prime Minister thinks that he alone is the messiah and all of us are devils. We strongly oppose the Central Government because the poor are suffering and the economy is being killed off.

10. Try as you may, through your agencies, to hassle and harass us, it will embolden only our conviction to fight. You may even try to jail us, but that will only make our movement stronger because we are fighting for the people. This is not a political movement. This is a people’s movement.


Silicon Valley Hub of Bengal receives overwhelming response

Kali Puja (Deepavali) has brought with it a tide of good news for the State’s IT sector. On Saturday, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee shared on her Facebook page that the Silicon Valley Hub project of Bengal has received overwhelming response from investors.

The State Government had launched the Silicon Valley Hub on August 13, 2018 to attract even more investment in IT, ITeS and ICT, and also to build a world-class ecosystem for cutting-edge technologies and innovation in Kolkata.

“In just 2 months, out of 100 acres of land earmarked for the Hub, 4 major global IT companies, among others, have applied to set up new investments on 74 acres already,” the CM wrote.

Reliance Jio wants 40 acres to set up a state-of-the-art centre for IT-enabled telecom, big data analytics and artificial intelligence (AI). TCS wants 20 acres in the Hub which will add another 15,000 IT professionals to their current workforce plan of 58,000 in Kolkata. Capgemini has asked for 10 acres to start cutting-edge IT business in Kolkata. Sanjiv Goenka will start with 4 acres for his IT company, Firstsource Solutions to conduct global operations from Kolkata.

“There are other innovative entrepreneurs who have also sought to join this ecosystem. In the meantime, Genpact of GE Capital of USA, is investing Rs 300 crore in a massive expansion,” the CM added.

“Encouraged by this quick and warm response, I am planning to add another 100 acres to the Silicon Valley Hub of Kolkata,” Mamata Banerjee announced.