Marketing a gesture of courtesy is not conducive in democracy: Mamata Banerjee at Suri

Trinamool Chairperson Mamata Banerjee today addressed a public meeting at Suri in Birbhum district. In her speech she attacked the Prime Minister and said marketing a gesture of courtesy is not conducive in democracy.

Highlights of her speech:

  • Modi babu has said I send him kurtas. Where is the problem? We send gifts to all during Durga Puja. We have opened the Biswa Bangla brand. We are empowering our artisans. We send these products not just to Modi babu but everyone. We don’t publicise it like Modi babu. Courtesy and politics are different. I send letters on birthdays to everyone.
  • Marketing a gesture of courtesy is not conducive in democracy.
  • I heard that yesterday the Prime Minister said we raise ‘goons’ here. He also said that Bangla did not witness any development. Another ‘signboard’ leader said Birbhum is Rabindranath Tagore’s birthplace. They don’t have any knowledge. They don’t do any homework
  • They say that nothing has been done in Birbhum. I challenge them to prove me wrong. After Trinamool came to power, 99% families in this district have got some benefit from the government.
  • In Birbhum the largest coal mine in the country is coming up. I want to know from Narendra Modi he delayed the process for three years by not signing an MOU. I want an answer for that.
  • This is a project worth Rs 12,000 crore and thousands of locals will get employment. Your government hasn’t done anything about it under your instruction, as you don’t want to give Bangla anything.
  • Just for the lack of an MoU, work cannot be started. I have called and enquired several times and the only answer I got is that the Prime Minister has said no. So, don’t you feel any shame?
  • You want to know what Mamata Banerjee has done? First you answer me, give an explanation. Then point your finger at me. First you answer, then ask for votes.
  • We worship with flowers. Their worship involves armed rallies with mace and swords. This is not the culture of Bengal
  • Bengal does not tolerate riots. Like a human body is incomplete without all organs, the society is incomplete without all communities
  • I belong to a simple family. They are calling me goon. If I am a goon, what are you? I have never orchestrated riots. We don’t do politics of violence. Do you remember 2002 Godhra riots?
  • They are controlling the media. Journalists are afraid to speak out or else they will be killed
  • I cannot be intimidated. I have fought against the Left. I have been beaten up but I never gave up. I am not afraid of Narendra Modi
  • They are suffering from the fear of defeat. That is why they are coming to Bengal so often to campaign. They can never be seen during disasters or accidents. They come here as seasonal birds
  • The more you abuse us, they higher the mandate will be in our favour
  • They are bringing boxes full of money. This is the money of people. This money was looted during demonetisation
  • Do not allow anyone to buy your votes for money. Cast your vote without fear
  • Earlier he used to call himself a chaiwallah. Then he gave up his kettle for Jaitley. Now he pretends to be a chowkidar
  • Teach these rioters a lesson. Bring about a change in government at Centre. Give them a democratic burial



Improvements in paddy procurement in seven years

The State Government has brought about a lot of improvement in the procurement of paddy and in the quality control mechanism of the foodgrains bought from farmers. Storage capacity infrastructure has also undergone a sea change.

A significant step has been the institution of NEFT mechanism for directly paying farmers through account transfer against the paddy bought from them. This process has made payment easier and quicker, and for this reason, was recently taken up as a model by the Centre for implementation across all States.

The Food & Supplies Department has notched up quite a few successes in the procurement of paddy and custom milled rice (CMR) during the last seven years.

They are as follows:

Krishak Bazars also as paddy procurement centres: From kharif marketing season (KMS) 2014-15, the purchasing of paddy through Krishak Bazars has become prevalent.

Procurement centres increased: In KMS 2014-15, 46 Krishak Bazars having the required infrastructural facilities were identified as centralised procurement centres (CPC). Over just four seasons, that number was increased to 325 (in KMS 2017-18). At the same time, cooperative societies continue to function as paddy procurement centres for CMR agencies; 950 cooperative societies functioned as such for KMS 2017-18.

Farmers incentivised: In order to incentivise farmers for bringing in their paddy to CPCs, in KMS 2014-15, Rs 15 per quintal of paddy was allowed over and above the MSP of Rs 1,360 per quintal. In KMS 2017-18, it was enhanced to Rs 20 per quintal.

Electronic means introduced for procurement and payment: From KMS 2016-17, it was made mandatory to employ e-procurement software capable of recording all relevant information of the farmers as well as recording the details of transactions and payments.

From KMS 2016-17, the system of payment of the price of paddy directly to the farmers’ bank accounts through NEFT was introduced, and was made mandatory from KMS 2017-18. Significantly, electronic payment through NEFT has been recently taken up as a model by the Centre.

Participation of women’s self-help groups: Participation of women’s self-help groups (SHG) and sanghas in paddy procurement is being encouraged. Till March 2018, 300 SHGs have participated in KMS 2017-18 and have procured 31,217 metric tonnes (MT) of paddy from 9,600 small and marginal farmers.

Distress sale eliminated: As a result of the Food & Supplies Department’s procurement initiatives, no distress sale of paddy has been reported in KMS 2017-18. The market rate of paddy has increased and thus it is above MSP across the entire State.

Enhancement of storage capacity

The Food & Supplies Department has created an additional 7.85 lakh metric tonnes (MT) of storage capacity during the period of 2011 to 2018. As a result, the storage capacity has increased from just 63,000 MT in FY 2010-11 to 8.48 lakh MT in May 2017.

Moreover, the department has taken up an ambitious project for the creation of another 3 lakh MT of storage space within the next two years at a cost of Rs 500 crore. With this project, the department will achieve self-sufficiency in the storage of rice.

Quality control mechanism

In order to keep a check on the quality of the foodgrains bought from farmers and of those available in markets, the Food & Supplies Department has taken several initiatives for upgrading laboratories and constructing new ones, through the Directorate of Inspection and Quality Control (I&QC).

Quality control (QC) laboratories in Kolkata (headquarters), Krishnanagar and Bardhaman have been upgraded and modernised. Specialised laboratory furniture and modern benchtop digital refractometers have been set up in the laboratories in Kolkata and Bardhaman.

Seventy-five mini QC laboratories have been set up in government warehouses and 120 in private warehouses.

A target has been set for the construction of four more zonal QC laboratories in Siliguri, Malda, Suri and Medinipur and 15 more laboratories in the offices of district controllers of food and supplies (DCF&S).

In the agriculture sector, Bangla has been one of the best-performing States, acknowledged by the Central Government several times and awarded the Krishi Karman Award for five consecutive years. The government has ensured that not just in production but in procurement and quality control too, processes are streamlined and modern methods adopted.

primary education

WB Govt sets up Centre for Potential Upgradation

The Chief Minister Ms Mamata Banerjee-led West Bengal Government has come up with yet another project to better the already-shining education sector of the State.

The first Centre for Potential Upgradation (CPU) for primary school teachers will come up at Vidyasagar Bhavan in Suri, the headquarters of Birbhum District Primary School Council. This first-of-its-kind centre would start operations by this March.

The idea behind such centres is to upgrade the skills of teachers teaching in primary schools. They will have modern facilities for studying, reading and collecting data through the internet, and computers. Each centre will also have a library stuffed with relevant journals, magazines and research works on education.

There are orientation courses for school and college teachers, and for university-level faculty members. Now primary school teachers would also be able to upgrade their skills.

Over the course of the last almost five years, 15 universities and 46 colleges have been set up by the Trinamool Congress Government. Around 3 lakh seats have been created in higher education. Two thousand five hundred primary and 3500 middle schools have been set up, and 1815 high schools have been developed.


শিক্ষাক্ষেত্রে সম্ভাব্য উন্নতিকরন কেন্দ্র তৈরি করবে রাজ্য সরকার

মাননীয়া মুখ্যমন্ত্রী মমতা বন্দ্যোপাধ্যায় নেতৃত্বাধীন পশ্চিমবঙ্গ সরকারের শিক্ষা দপ্তর আরও একটি অভিনব প্রকল্প শুরু করতে চলেছে ।

প্রাথমিক স্তরের শিক্ষক-শিক্ষিকাদের দক্ষতা উৎকর্ষের জন্য রাজ্যের প্রথম সেন্টার ফর স্কিল আপগ্রেডেশান শুরু হতে চলেছে। সিউড়ির বিদ্যাসাগর ভবনে বীরভূম জেলা প্রাথমিক শিক্ষা কেন্দ্রের সদর দপ্তরে শুরু হতে চলেছে। রাজ্যে প্রথম এই ধরনের কেন্দ্র তৈরি হচ্ছে। আগামী মার্চ মাসের মধ্যেই এর কাজ শুরু হবে।

এই কেন্দ্রগুলিতে পড়াশোনার জন্য যথেষ্ট সুযোগ সুবিধা থাকবে – বই, ম্যাগাজিন, জার্নাল, ইন্টারনেট সুবিধা যুক্ত কম্পিউটার ইত্যাদি।

স্কুল, কলেজ বিশ্ববিদ্যালয়ের শিক্ষক শিক্ষিকাদের পর এবার প্রাথমিক স্কুলের শিক্ষক-শিক্ষিকাদেরও অরিয়েন্টেশন কোর্স করার সুবিধাও থাকবে সেখানে।

তৃণমূল সরকার গত পাঁচ বছরে ১৫ টি বিশ্ব বিদ্যালয় এবং ৪৬ টি কলেজ তৈরি করেছে। প্রায় ৩ লাখ আসন উচ্চশিক্ষার জন্য তৈরি করা হয়েছে। ২৫০০ প্রাথমিক ও ৩৫০০ মাধ্যমিক বিদ্যালয় স্থাপন করা হয়েছে, এবং ১৮১৫টি উচ্চ বিদ্যালয় উন্নত করা হয়েছে।

Surge of development in Birbhum district; Sabuj Sathi scheme flagged off

West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, on a visit to Birbhum district today, flagged off the Sabuj Sathi scheme for the district.

She addressed a public meeting at Suri, where she inaugurated and laid the foundation stones for a bouquet of projects.

The projects WB CM inaugurated today include road projects, several health care projects, new police barracks, entertainment centres, hostels for boys and girls, solar-powered pumps for irrigation and agriculture.

The West Bengal Chief Minister laid the foundation stones for road and irrigation projects, water supply projects, Karma Tirtha, minority hostels, Jal Tirtha among other things.

The CM also distributed several services including Kanyashree, Yuvashree, Sikshashree, equipment to fishermen, Kisan and artisan credit cards, different agricultural machineries and equipment, pattas, financial assistance for natural disasters and a host of other such services.


Highlights of her speech:

  • The land of Birbhum is famous all over the world for Santiniketan and Bauls.
  • Birbhum is known for its cultural, educational heritage. Birbhum’s soil makes us proud. We are proud of the ‘ranga mati’.
  • We have inaugurated and laid the foundation stones for projects worth Rs 1000 Cr today. 65000 students got Sikshasree scholarship.
  • 95000 of students will get bicycles under Sabuj Sathi scheme in this district. Total 40 lakh students will get cycles across Bengal.
  • By January, 25 lakh students will receive cycles under Sabuj Sathi scheme.
  • Students and youths are the future of the country. They will take the society forward. Sabuj Sathi logo represents their spirit.
  • I have full faith in my students and youth. They will conquer the world and make Bengal proud.
  • I will visit Birbhum during Jaydeb Mela. Last time I came here I took initiative for development of Tarapith.
  • The gateway coming up at Tarapith is beautiful. It will be a pride for us.
  • Patharchapuri in this district can become a big tourist attraction.
  • Work for setting up ITIs are complete at 3 places in Birbhum district. Work for 3 more is going on.
  • Andal airport has been inaugurated. Flights to Delhi will begin.We have started helicopter services from Kolkata to Bolpur.
  • I have been invited to be a part of Kolkata-Delhi flight via Andal. I will come to Andal on 7 Dec again.
  • We have requested Bhutan Airlines to start flight halts at Andal.
  • New fleet of buses have been given to Birbhum district. We have started Gatidhara scheme for the transport sector.
  • We are setting up 41 new multi super speciality hospitals. 3 of those will come up in this district.
  • Rampurhat is becoming a health district. A medical college is coming up there.
  • Healthcare at govt hospitals is now free. We have started fair price medicine shops in Bengal which give 60-70% discounts.
  • We have started fair price diagnostic centres which will benefit the poor people.
  • 13 Krishak Bazaars have been set up in Birbhum district.
  • Farmers can directly sell their produce at Krishak Bazaars. 176 Krishak Bazaars are coming up across Bengal.
  • We are setting up Mati Tirtha at Bardhaman. Mati is our mother. Mati is our source of inspiration.
  • Few months ago, Bengal was ravaged by floods. Birbhum district was also affected.
  • We have give compensation to flood-affected people despite no help from the Centre.
  • We had requested the Centre for farm loan waiver. We applied for Rs 6000 Cr as flood relief. We did not get a penny.
  • CPM incurred huge debts when they were in power. Then Congress govt at Centre did not stop them.
  • After we came to power, Centre has been taking away our revenue for paying off debt incurred by CPM.
  • We have increased our revenues from Rs 20000 Cr to Rs 40000 Cr. The development we have carried out despite debt is exemplary.
  • Did the CPM give fair price for paddy procurement? Did potato farmers get fair price for their produce under them?
  • Out of 9 crore people in Bengal, 3.2 crore people are getting rice at Rs 2/kg. Additional 3 crore people will get rice @ Rs 3/kg.
  • The biggest coal industry of India is coming up at Deocha Pachami cwhere more than one lakh people will get jobs.
  • A Biswa Khudro Bazaar is coming up at Bolpur.
  • A township is coming up in Bolpur, named Gitabitan, on 100 acres of land.
  • Centre has stopped funding Asha and ICDS schemes. Yet we are funding them despite out financial problems.
  • We have started a pension scheme and accident insurance for kendu leaf collectors.
  • 84 lakh students from minority communities have received scholarships.
  • We have taken up “Sobar Ghore Bidyut” programme. Every household will receive power supply soon.
  • Beautification and renovation has been taken up at several tourist spots in Birbhum district.
  • We have registered 28 lakh girls under Kanyashree scheme. I will keep working for people. That is my responsibility.
  • Let us keep politics aside. Let us compete for development. Bengal is surging ahead. We are becoming free from shackles of 34 years.
  • Since independence only 30 colleges were set up in Bengal till 2011. After we came to power, 45 colleges were set up.
  • Do you know today is the birth anniversary of Khudiram Bose? I dedicate this day to his memory.
  • We must be proud of Matangini Hazra, Binoy, Badal, Dinesh, Deshbandhu Chittaranjan, Pritilata Waddedar.
  • We must be proud of Rabindranath, Nazrul, Vivekananda, Ambedkar.
  • India’s National Anthem and National Song were written by Rabindranath and Bankim.
  • “Nana Bhasha, Nana mat, Nana Paridhan Bibidher Majhe Dekho Milan Mahaan” should be our motto.

WB Govt to open ‘Roudra Brishti’ outlets across the State

In 2014, West Bengal Essential Commodities Supply Corporation (WBECSC), under the state food and supplies department, had launched its own retail chain of commodities, to promote exclusive products of the state in agriculture and food sector, with a distribution outlet in Kolkata called ‘Roudra Brishti’.

The government is now planning to take ‘Roudra Brishti’ outlets to the districts so that people of the entire State can benefit. The state food and supplies department had called for tenders from various municipalities in the State and got a fabulous response. Several municipalities like Coochbehar, Jalpaiguri, Suri, Nabadwip, Barasat, Madhyamgram have expressed interest.

At these outlets while consumers will get branded commodities at discounted prices, producers of agricultural products will also get a fair price. Currently, average daily transactions at ‘Roudra Brishti’ outlets is worth Rs 50000. They register monthly profit of Rs 10-12000 as per the minister.

Food and Supplies Minister Jyotipriyo Mullick said, “We did not set up ‘Roudra Brishti’ with profit in mind. Our aim is to provide goods to people at a fair price. We are glad these outlets are making profits.”

Municipal elections 2015: Trinamool’s massive campaign across Bengal

Trinamool Congress held massive campaigns for the Municipality Elections 2015 from Sonarpur in South 24 Parganas to Siliguri in North Bengal, from Purulia town in the west to Bongaon in the east  with equal importance and dedication.

Senior leaders including the party All India General Secretary, the party Secretary General, the President of the Trinamool Youth Congress, elected representatives in the Parliament and the state Assembly held road shows, mass meetings and led door-to-door campaign in all the 91 municipalities were election will be held.


North Bengal campaign 2Goutam Deb leads a padayatra at Siliguri



North Bengal campaignTribal people supports Trinamool at campaign rally in North Bengal

Incidentally, Trinamool Congress has already gained majority in three municipalities – Gayeshpur in Nadia and Arambagh and Tarakeswar in Hooghly.

Road show at DumdumMP Prasun Banerjee at road show in Dum Dum

The last few weeks saw extensive campaigns by mass leaders like Subrata Bakshi, Partha Chatterjee, Suvendu Adhikari, Subrata Mukherjee, Firhad Hakim, Jyotpriya Mullick, Goutam Deb, Abhishek Banerjee as well as MPs like Shatabdi Roy, Arpita Ghosh, Moonmoon Sen, Dev and others.

Padayatra at Baruipur

AITC Secretary General Partha Chatterjee and Biman Banerjee campaigns at Baruipur

Satabdi Ray at Suri - Ei SamayAITC MP  Shatabdi Roy campaigns at Suri

Padayatra at SuriFirhad Hakim leads a padayatra at Suri

Campaign at SonarpurAroop Biswas campaigns at Sonarpur

Campaign at BarasatJyotipriya Mullick campaigns at Barasat

DEvAITC MP Dev campaigns at Silguri

Suvendu-Adhikari-at-EgraSuvendu Adhikari campaigns at Egra

Abhishek Banerjee at BardhamanTrinamool Youth Congress President Abhishek Banerjee campaigns at Kalna

Abhishek BanerjeeTrinamool Youth Congress President Abhishek Banerjee campaigns at Naihati

Bengal to get 10 more women police stations

10 more women police stations are coming up in West Bengal besides the existing 20.

The West Bengal Chief Minister had targeted to set up 65 such police stations across the State.  The government has approved the establishment of 330 posts under various categories for the new police stations. A woman police officer will head each of these police stations and majority of the other ranks will constitute of women also.

In the first phase 20 women police stations were set up at Howrah, Barasat, Baruipur, Asansol, Jhargram, Contai, Chinsurah, Krishnanagar, Siliguri and Jalpaiguri Sadar, sub-divisional headquarters of Burdwan Sadar, Medinipur Sadar, Purulia Sadar, Bankura Sadar, Darjeeling Sadar, Sreerampore (Hooghly), Suri (Birbhum), English Bazar (Malda), Diamond Harbour (South 24-Parganas) and Barrackpore (North 24-Parganas) have got such stations. Now, 10 new stations have opened at Bidhannagar and Durgapur Commissionerate, Cooch Behar, Balurghat, Raiganj, Berhampore, Kharagpur, Haldia, Uluberia and Arambag.  With these new stations the total number of all women police stations has reached to 30.

WB CM Ms Mamata Banerjee has been working relentlessly for the safety of women across the State. It was her idea to have all women police stations in the state to combat women related crimes. In a police station where women will not only feel free and safe to report criminal cases against them, but where such cases will also be dealt with immense sensitivity and compassion.

In another innovative step, the West Bengal Government is launching a special police cell to deal with highway accidents. This cell will be known as ‘Highway Traffic Police’. Along with investigating accident cases on highways, they will also take prompt action so that accident victims get immediate medical attention and effective rescue missions.