2019 will see the end of the BJP Govt at the Centre: Abhishek Banerjee at Rajganj

Trinamool Congress MP Abhishek Banerjee today addressed a public meeting at Belakoba Public Club Ground at Rajganj in the Jalpaiguri Lok Sabha constituency.

Highlights of his speech:

I am warmly welcoming to all of you for coming here to attend our meeting.

Vote for Bijoy Chandra Barman, but remember that you are actually voting for Mamata Banerjee. I am confident when the counting will be done with on May 25, the people will see the BJP wiped out from Jalpaiguri.

Remember that there is a big difference between the 2014 election and this election. In 2014, we had asked you to vote against the corrupt Congress, communal BJP and violent CPI(M).

This time, the entire country has bowed down in fear to the BJP. However, Bangla has remained steadfast in its opposition to the communal-minded BJP.

Mamata Banerjee has proved again and again that Bangla is very strong and in fact, it has always been so – right from the days of the freedom movement, when the people of Bangla have showed their character. The people of the State cannot be swayed by false propaganda.

Since they cannot fight us politically, they have taken the refuge of religion.

I do not believe in dividing people on the basis of religion. I believe in real Hinduism, in the Hinduism preached by the likes of Swami Vivekananda, not in the fake Hinduism of Yogi Adityanath, Amit Shah and Narendra Modi.

I follow the tenets of Hinduism, worship Durga and at the same time, stand beside my Muslim brothers and sisters during Eid and ask for Allah’s blessings.

As a person, I can pray to any god I want, but a an elected representative of the people, my only religion is humanism, and therefore my duty is to see to it that every person receives the benefits of the developmental schemes that form the basis of our rule in the State.

They have been fooling the people over the last five years in the name of ‘Achhe Din’.

There has been no development done in the villages of Bangla by the Central Government. The BJP has only been indulging in communal politics.

Swami Vivekananda had said, “Bohurupe sammukhe tomar, chhari kotha khunjichho Ishwar,/ Jibe prem kore jei jon, sei jon sebichhe Ishwar” [translated as “Where are you looking for God – when he is in front of you in every living being, in many different forms? Those who serve mankind (and any other living being) are serving God”]

Five years ago, Narendra Modi had asked for votes in the name of Swami Vivekananda. If he was really a saviour of the Hindu religion, as he claims to be, why didn’t he give Belur Math the recognition it deserved?

All over the country there are no jobs and so people have no money, but in Bangla, because of Mamata Banerjee, you have everything.

I will say again and again, “Chowkidar chor hain”. I dare Modi to arrest me.

All criminals have only one address, and that is Bharatiya Janata Party. The BJP candidate from Cooch Behar is involved in smuggling, for example.

The BJP has said that it will win 22 seats in Bangla but I can bet that we will win all 42 seats, and that will be revealed on May 25.

I am daring the BJP to win even a single seat here.

I have always worked for the good of the people by constantly being by their side, and not been like the BJP leaders, who are only interested air-conditioned comfort.

We have seen that the prime minister is neither a chaiwallah nor a chowkidar – but Mamata Banerjee has always remained genuine, still living in that humble house of hers while managing the welfare of 10 crore people of her State.

The BJP calls itself the saviour of Hindus, but what has it really done?

We used to say the Congress is corrupt from the sky to the ground – referring to the 2G Scam and the Coal Scam. The same can be said of the BJP – there is the Rafale Scam and the Namami Ganga Scam, and others in between.

You have always supported Mamata Banerjee and she has paid you back – Jalpaiguri circuit bench, engineering and medical colleges, ITIs and so many other benefits have come solely as a result of her efforts.
I can see 30,000 people here – can any of you say that you have received Rs 15 lakh in your bank accounts? Of course not.

But all of you can say that you have received the benefits of schemes like Kanyashree, Yuvashree, Sabooj Sathi, Rupashree, Sabujshree, Baitarani and others – this is what the government of Mamata Banerjee does.

On Apr 18, when you go out to vote, remember to vote for the right person, vote for the respect and culture of Bangla.

In Gujarat, which is Modi’s State, the BJP won all 26 out of the 26 Lok Sabha seats in 2014, but in the 2017 Assembly elections, they lost so many seats. Therefore, if Gujarat can do it, so can you.

Netaji had once said – give me blood and I will give you freedom; now Mamata Banerjee has given the call for Bangla – give me 42 out of 42 Lok Sabha seats, and I’ll give you a progressive and secular India.

Remember that voting for the CPI(M) or the Congress would be a waste of your money, because the fight this time is between Agnikanya Didi and the communal Modi.

All the surveys are saying that Modi is not coming back to power.

The prices of cooking gas, kerosene, petrol and diesel had gone up by several times a few months back, but over the last two months, as the BJP started losing in State elections, the prices have come down. The price of platform ticket has also gone up – from Rs 2 to Rs 20.

From June 1, after the new government is formed in May, the prices of all these items would come down further and become affordable for the common man once again.

The prime minister is shamelessly using the Army for getting votes. A few days back, he asked the people to vote for his party so that he could protect the army. This is just shamelessly using the soldiers’ deaths as a result of the Pulwama massacre for one’s own advantage.

Do you know the name of any of the people who have stood against Modi in his constituency? You haven’t, because the media is scared to report.

I will say again and again, chowkidar chor hain. I dare Modi to arrest me.

Let me tell you who has stood against Modi. It is the same person, then a BSF jawan, who had released a video that had gone viral, showing the pathetic quality of the food being served to them. He was sacked as a result. He is the person who is fighting Modi.

The prime minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan has said that he wants Modi. And Pakistan is supposed to be our enemy. Therefore our enemy wants Modi as the prime minister. The ISI, Nirav Modi, Lalit Modi, Vijay Mallya, rioters and smugglers – all want Modi as the prime minister.

And all the hard-working people want Mamata Banerjee as the prime minister. This is the difference between them.

I exhort all the first-time voters of Jalpaiguri to vote for a better Bangla, a better Jalpaiguri, and for the unity and culture of Bangla.

Mamata Banerjee has not imposed a single rupee of extra tax because she can feel for the poor.

Modi doesn’t really feel for the poor. At his rallies, he just repeats word ‘garib’ like some chant, just like he chants the word ‘sena’ without really thinking of their good.

We want air and water as basic elements for survival. The BJP, on the other hand, thrives on creating divisions, and on instigating riots and communal troubles.

The BJP has realised that chanting ‘Jai Shri Ram’ is no longer working in their favour.

By calling themselves Ram bhakts, the BJP people are actually insulting Ram. The real Ram did a lot of sacrifice, including spending 14 years in exile.

Last year, our government had decided to give Rs 10,000 each to 28,000 Durga Puja committees in the State. Instead of supporting this decision, the BJP, CPI(M) and Congress went to court the next day, terming the move as Hindu appeasement. This is the kind of care and concern they have for the people of the State.

We give ‘imam bhata’ (stipend for imams) and ‘moazzem bhata’ (stipend for moazzems) taking from the Waqf board, as per the directions of the Supreme Court, and not from the tax you pay us.

The money you give as tax we spend for your own welfare, in the form of various development schemes that have changed your lives for the better so much.

The BJP has not sent greetings even once to the people of the State on the occasion of Durga Puja, the biggest festival in the lives of Bengalis.

If you have your Ram, we have our Durga. But your Ram is now all alone, with only the CBI and ED by his side, while by our Durga stands the entire country, from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. Your Ram is on his way out, being chased by our Durga.

2019 will see the end of the BJP Government at the Centre.

The two Lok Sabha seats that the BJP had won in Bangla in 2014, they will lose even those two this time.

Darjeeling and Asansol will reject the BJP. True to its form, the BJP has created unrest in both Darjeeling and Asansol.

Prove your true credentials of standing for a united Bangla, by voting out the BJP. Don’t leave even a square inch of space to the opposition.

Like the BJP, I too say ‘Bharat mata ki jay’, but I say it because of my pride for my country, not for achieving narrow communal ends.

Vote for Bijoy Chandra Barman, but remember that you are actually voting for Mamata Banerjee, and therefore for the development of Jalpaiguri and of Bangla in general.

I request everyone to go out early in the morning of April 18 to the polling booths and vote for Trinamool Congress.

I end my speech by paying my respect to everyone – the elderly, the youth, the party workers, the mothers and the sisters.

Jai Hind, Vande Mataram, Trinamool Zindabad, Mamata Banerjee Zindabad, victory to Jalpaiguri, victory to Bangla


Seasonal birds of BJP visit Bengal during elections only: Mamata Banerjee in Jalpaiguri

Trinamool Chairperson Mamata Banerjee today attended a public meeting at Churabhandar in Jalpaiguri district. In her speech, she said that the seasonal birds of BJP visit Bengal during elections only, while Trinamool works for the people throughout the year.

Highlights of her speech:

  • North Bengal was neglected for years on end. The region lagged behind in development
  • We set up the a mini-secretariat – Uttarkanya – in Jalpaiguri district
  • We set up the Circuit Bench of Calcutta High Court in Jalpaiguri. The PM only made false claims – our government allocated funds and land for setting it up
  • We set up world-class Biswa Bangla Krirangan in Jalpaiguri. We started Bhorer Aalo tourism project in Gajoldoba
  • We have started a new road project connecting north Bengal with Bhutan, Nepal and Bangladesh
  • One closed tea garden has reopened today. We congratulate the workers
  • Before 2016 polls, Modi babu and his ministers said they will take over closed tea gardens. They did not keep their promise
  • They are seasonal birds who can be seen only during elections. We are working for the people 365 days a year
  • I regularly come to north Bengal. I am working hard for the progress of this region
  • They are creating divisions between Hills and Terai-Dooars. The BJP candidate was responsible for violence and tension between Hills and Terai-Dooars
  • The BJP is stoking the fire of violence in Hills and we are dousing it
  • Where was the BJP when the Hills were burning? Now when peace reigns in Bengal, they are coming here with a bouquet of lies, out of envy
  • This is not an election to elect the CM of Bengal. This is an election for the Lok Sabha
  • Where were you for the last 5 years? Now you have come here just before elections
  • Where was Modi baby when north Bengal was suffering from floods? Have you no shame, seeking votes now?
  • We passed a resolution to change the name of the State twice in the Assembly but they have even blocked that. What is your problem with ‘Bangla’
  • They are killing people in the name of gau-raksha. They should be ashamed
  • They are offering money to people to attend their rallies and vote for them. It is not their money. It is people’s money
  • You can take the youth to your rally by offering money. What will happen after elections? Will they get jobs?
  • I have worked with many prime ministers in the past. I have never seen a PM with such low mentality, so uncouth and lacking courtesies
  • Sarada-Narada-Hawala leader is now BJP leader. He was sharing the stage with the PM today. Our party expelled him
  • He is conducting rallies with person accused in hawala case
  • They say Didi is afraid. Yeah sure. Didi fights from front. She is not afraid of lock-up. Didi has been attacked many times. My life has been one of struggle
  • Women will not take any insult lightly. They run the family as well as the nation. Do not underestimate them
  • They are spreading lies in the name of army and central forces
  • They think they can win elections by shifting out some officers. If the Chief Secretary of Andhra Pradesh can be changed, why should union cabinet secretary not be changed?
  • Chief Ministers of Karnataka and Andhra are being raided by CBI. They are misusing the agencies to target the Opposition
  • When you will be out of power, no one will listen to you. People will reject you
  • From RBI to CBI, everyone is saying bye bye
  • He used to say he is chaiwala. After 5 years, he has turned into chowkidar
  • The real chowkidars, who guard the ATMs, are not getting salaries. Why are BSNL employees not getting salaries?
  • We have our own health insurance scheme Swasthya Sathi, with a cover upto Rs 5 lakh. 7.5 crore people will benefit. The cards will be issued in the name of the women of the family (to empower them). Why should we pay 40% funds for Ayushman Bharat?
  • We are giving Rs 5000 per acre annually to farmers under Krishak Bandhu scheme. We are paying the entire premium of crop insurance.
  • Khajna tax and mutation fees on agricultural land have been waived off.
  • We give Rs 1,500 to workers of closed tea gardens. We provide electricity and water for free to the tea gardens
  • Debi Chaudhurani temple in Jalpaiguri was destroyed in fire; we are restoring it. We have renovated Jalpesh Shiv Mandir here
  • My best wishes to the new voters. You must ask the ‘Expiry Prime Minister’ what happened to the promise of generating 10 crore jobs
  • In 2017-18 alone, 2 crore people lost their jobs due to demonetisation
  • They promised to bring back black money and deposit Rs 15 lakh in every bank account. Have you received it?
  • They only carry out canards and propaganda.
  • In this election, bring about change in the government at Centre. Bengal will have a decisive say in the formation of next government
  • They are threatening to throw people out of Bengal in the name of NRC. I dare them to even touch one person, we will show them their place
  • As per the Citizenship Amendment Bill, you will lose your citizenship for six years. Then if they want they will give you citizens. Why? You are already citizens. Those who came to India before March 25, 1971, are citizens of India
  • We have told the people of Assam, if they are thrown out, Bengal will give them shelter
  • Modi is very scared of Mamata Banerjee because when everyone else remains silent, we raise our voice in protest
  • They do not believe the Constitution. They want to change history.
  • It was our government that set up Panchanan Barma University in Cooch Behar. We set up the Rajbanshi Academy.
  • We gave official language status to Rajbanshi, Kamtapuri, Kurukh, Nepali, Ol Chiki, Gurmukhi and many other languages
  • The youth of the nation must rise and bring about change at Centre


New initiatives to increase Boroli fish production

The Fisheries Department is going to cultivate Boroli fish in a big way. This tasty fish is endemic to the rivers of north Bengal but over the years, for various reasons, the numbers have dwindled.

To solve the problem of numbers, the Fisheries Department has devised a process to cultivate the hatchlings in lakes. A special hatchery is being constructed in Tufanganj-1 block of Cooch Behar district for the purpose, at a cost of Rs 22 lakh.

More such inland hatcheries would be set up both in Cooch Behar and Jalpaiguri districts, the work for which had started last year.

After growing big enough, the fishes would be released in batches in the waters of the Teesta and Torsha, the traditional homes of the fish.

Source: Ei Samay

Bengal Govt encouraging aromatic rice cultivation

The Trinamool Congress Government has, over the last few years, done a lot for increasing the cultivation of aromatic rice varieties, which have a high demand inside the State and in other parts of the country, as well as outside the country. Exports have seen a steady rise.

Another effort taken by the Government is the decision to distributed seeds of aromatic rice for free. They are being distributed by North Bengal Krishi Viswavidyalaya.

As of now three varieties have distributed – tulaipanji, kataribhog and kalonunia.

Seeds of tulaipanji are being distributed in Hemtabad, Raiganj, Kaliaganj and Itahar in Uttar Dinajpur district, in Balurghat and Kushmandi in Dakshin Dinajpur, and in Malda district. Kataribhog is being distributed in the district of Malda and in Kumarganj, Tapan, Hili and Balurghat in Dakshin Dinajpur, while kalonunia is being distributed in Jalpaiguri, Cooch Behar and Alipurduar districts.

Source: Millennium Post

Kurukh, Kamtapuri, Rajbongshi, Kurmali get official language status

At the time when the Trinamool Congress Government has taken up different steps for the revival of endangered tribal languages, comes another welcome step.

With the Governor consenting to the West Bengal Official Language (Second Amendment) Bill, 2018, Kamtapuri, Rajbongshi and Kurmali have become formally accepted as official State languages. Earlier, Kurukh had achieved the status through the West Bengal Official Language (Amendment) Bill, 2018.

The State Assembly had passed the former Bill on February 28 and the latter on February 8 of this year.

These languages would be used as official languages in the districts, sub-divisions, blocks or municipalities where the speaking population exceeds 10 per cent as a whole or part of the district, like sub-division or block.

It may be mentioned that Kurukh is spoken by the Oraon tribal community. There are around 17 lakh people, who speak the language in the districts of Alipurduar, Jalpaiguri, Cooch Behar, South Dinajpur and North 24-Parganas.


Source: Millennium Post

Six districts from Bengal shine in 100 Days’ Work

Bengal’s Cooch Behar district has been adjudged as one of the best districts in terms of performance under MGNREGA, better known as the 100 Days’ Work Scheme.

It was among the six districts from the State selected by the Centre for a presentation by their district magistrates, among the top-performing districts under MGNREGA in the country. Cooch Behar is also doing well in livelihood programmes.

The other five are Jhargram, Bankura, Purba Medinipur, Paschim Medinipur and Jalpaiguri.

It may be mentioned that Bengal generated a total of 2821.72 man-days, which is 13.94 per cent of the total number of man-days covering all the states. With respect to the expenditure incurred (as a result of the payments for the work done, mostly by people in the rural regions of the state), the amount is Rs 7,35,231.98 lakh, which is 13.06 per cent of the total expenditure of all the states.

Source: Millennium Post

Bengal Govt to complete repair work of irrigation canals before rainy season

The Bengal Government has decided to repair and dredge all irrigation canals in the state before the start of the rainy season. The government has allotted Rs 1,008.5 lakh crore for the purpose. The Irrigation Department would undertake the entire work.

According to Irrigation Department officials, the state has been divided into five zones for the project, and money allocated accordingly.

The north-eastern zone consists of the districts of Cooch Behar, Alipurduar, Jalpaiguri and Darjeeling and has been allotted Rs 113 crore. The northern zone consists of Uttar Dinajpur, Dakshin Dinajpur, Malda, Murshidabad, Nadia and Birbhum, and for these, Rs 173.5 crore has been allotted.

The western zone consists of Purba Bardhaman, Paschim Bardhaman, Howrah and Hooghly district, and these together have got Rs 203 crore. For the districts of Bankura, Purulia, Purba Medinipur, Paschim Medinipur and Jhargram, Rs 296 crore has been allotted, and finally, for North 24 Parganas, South 24 Parganas and greater Kolkata, Rs 223 crore has been allotted.

Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has always placed a lot of stress on developmental work, and ensures that people-centric projects are spread out evenly across the state and are not hampered in any way.

For this project too, and more so because of its being closely connected with the rural population, she has sent out explicit instructions to the concerned officials to ensure that work is not hampered in any way because of the panchayat election.


বর্ষার আগেই রাজ্যের সমস্ত মজে যাওয়া সেচ খাল, জমিনদারি বাঁধ মেরামত হবে

আগামী বর্ষার আগেই রাজ্যের সমস্ত মজে যাওয়া সেচ খাল, জমিনদারি বাঁধ, ক্ষুদ্র সেচ বাঁধ মেরামত করবে রাজ্য সরকার। আগামী বর্ষায় এইসব বাঁধ বা খাল ভেঙে যাতে বিপত্তি না হয়, তার জন্য দ্রুত কাজ শেষ করতে নির্দেশ দেওয়া হয়েছে।

২০১৮-’১৯ আর্থিক বছরের বাজেটে বরাদ্দ অর্থ থেকেই এই কাজ হবে। এর জন্য ১ হাজার ৮ কোটি ৫০ লক্ষ টাকা বরাদ্দ করা হয়েছে। এই খালগুলি সংস্কার হলে, সেগুলিতে জলধারণ ক্ষমতাও বৃদ্ধি পাবে।

গঙ্গা-পদ্মা ভাঙন রোধ কেন্দ্রের করার কথা। কিন্তু, কেন্দ্রীয় সরকার এই নিয়ে কোনও কাজ করছে না, অর্থও বরাদ্দ করছে না। কয়েকটি জায়গায় গঙ্গা-পদ্মা ভাঙন ভয়াবহ আকার নিয়েছে। সেই সব জায়গাতেও কাজ করবে সেচ দপ্তর।

এই কাজগুলি বর্ষার আগে শেষ হয়ে গেলে বর্ষায় বাঁধ ভাঙা থেকে যেমন রক্ষা পাওয়া যাবে, তেমনই সারা বছর ওই খাল দিয়ে সেচের জলও ভালোভাবে দেওয়া যাবে।

এই কাজের জন্য কয়েকটি জোনে গোটা রাজ্যকে ভাগ করা হয়েছে:

  • উত্তর-পূর্ব জোনে রয়েছে কোচবিহার, আলিপুরদুয়ার, জলপাইগুড়ি ও দার্জিলিং জেলা। এই জোনের জন্য বরাদ্দ হয়েছে ১১৩ কোটি টাকা।
  • উত্তর জোনে রয়েছে দুই দিনাজপুর, মালদহ, মুর্শিদাবাদ, নদীয়া ও বীরভূম জেলা। এই জোনের জন্য বরাদ্দ হয়েছে ১৭৩.৫ কোটি টাকা।
  • পশ্চিম জোনে রয়েছে পূর্ব ও পশ্চিম বর্ধমান, হাওড়া ও হুগলি জেলা। এই জোনের জন্য বরাদ্দ হয়েছে ২০৩ কোটি টাকা।
  • বাঁকুড়া, পুরুলিয়া, পূর্ব ও পশ্চিম মেদিনীপুর ও ঝাড়গ্রাম জেলার জন্য বরাদ্দ হয়েছে ২৯৬ কোটি টাকা, এবং
  • উত্তর ও দক্ষিণ ২৪ পরগনা ও বৃহত্তর কলকাতার জন্য বরাদ্দ হয়েছে ২২৩ কোটি টাকা


Source: Bartaman

Kamtapuri Academy gets an office in Jalpaiguri

An office of the Kamtapuri Bhasa Academy was opened in Jalpaiguri on February 22 to work for the conservation and development of the language.
“During the erstwhile Left rule, people had laid lives while organising a movement over the demand for recognition of Kamtapuri language. But it is chief minister Mamata Banerjee who has formed the academy to recognise the movement and the contribution of those people,” state tourism minister said after he inaugurated the office.
The government is moving towards introducing Kantapuri language at primary level in schools. The work for a grammar book for the language is in progress.



কামতাপুরি ভাষা আকাদেমির কার্যালয় উদ্বোধন


শুধু কামতাপুরি ভাষা আকাদেমি নয়, এবার প্রাথমিক স্তরে কামতাপুরি ভাষায় পঠনপাঠন শুরু করার জন্য সচেষ্ট হল রাজ্য সরকার।
জলপাইগুড়িতে কামতাপুরি ভাষা আকাদেমির কার্যালয় উদ্বোধন করে পর্যটনমন্ত্রী বলেন, নতুন প্রজন্মকে এই ভাষার গুরুত্ব বঝাতে এই আকাদেমির মাধ্যমে কামতাপুরি ভাষা নিয়ে গবেষণা ও বই প্রকাশ হবে। রাজ্য সরকার চায় সব ভাষাভাষীর মানুষ নিজের ভাষা ব্যবহারের মৌলিক অধিকার পাক।
কামতাপুরি ভাষায় ব্যাকরণ তৈরীর কাজ আগেই শুরু হয়েছে। প্রাথমিক স্তরে কামতাপুরি ভাষায় পঠনপাঠন শুরু করার জন্য আরও সচেষ্ট ভূমিকা নিল সরকার।

Seven more youth hostels coming up by March 2018

The Bengal Government’s Youth Services and Sports Department has set a target of building seven new youth hostels by March 2018. In each of the youth hostels, there will be accommodation for at least 100 people.

Two youth hostels in Jalpaiguri (in Metali) and Bishnupur are ready to become operational. One each is coming up in the Ayodhya Hills and the Jaichandi Hills in Purulia district. The four others are coming up in Cooch Behar, Nabadwip, Malda and Durgapur.

Regarding the ones in the Ayodhya and the Jaichandi Hills, it may be mentioned that the footfalls of visitors in these places have gone up as a result of the steps taken by the Trinamool Congress Government to improve the basic infrastructure of Purulia district. Moreover, the number of youths visiting the place for trekking and adventure sports has also gone up. As a result, the demand for better accommodation has also gone up. Plans are already afoot for enabling locals to open homestays.

It may be mentioned that at present, a total of 19 youth hostels of the State Government are functional, while the government has a plan to set up a total of 40. The construction of 21 youth hostels, including in Balurghat, Jayanti and Gajoldoba, has also begun.

With the setting up of the youth hostels, young single travellers will no longer face problems in getting quality accommodation when they visit any part of the state for excursion or activities like trekking and adventure sports.

২০১৮ সালের মার্চ মাসের মধ্যে রাজ্যে আরও নতুন ৭টি যুব হোস্টেল

২০১৮ সালের মার্চ মাসের মধ্যে আরও ৭টি যুব হোস্টেল নির্মাণ করার সিদ্ধান্ত নিয়েছে রাজ্য যুব কল্যাণ ও ক্রীড়া দপ্তর। প্রতিটি হোস্টেলে অন্তত ১০০ জন থাকতে পারবে।

জলপাইগুড়ির মেটেলিতে ও বিষ্ণুপুরের দুটি যুব হাসপাতাল তৈরী হয়ে গেছে। পুরুলিয়া জেলার অযোধ্যা পাহাড়ে ও জয়চন্ডী পাহাড়ে দুটি হোস্টেল তৈরী হচ্ছে। বাকি ৪টি হোস্টেল তৈরী হবে কোচবিহার, নবদ্বীপ, মালদা ও দুর্গাপুরে।

তৃণমূল সরকার পুরুলিয়া জেলার যে অভূতপূর্ব উন্নয়ন করেছে, তার ফলে এই অঞ্চলে এখন পর্যটকদের সংখ্যা বেড়ে চলেছে। এছাড়া এই অঞ্চলে ট্রেকিং ও অ্যাডভেঞ্চার স্পোর্টসের জন্য কমবয়সী যুবাদের আনাগোনা লেগেই আছে। এর ফলে ওখানে থাকার ভালো জায়গায় চাহিদা বেড়েছে। ওখানে হোম-স্টের ব্যবস্থাও করা হচ্ছে।

এই মুহূর্তে রাজ্যে ১৯টি যুব হোস্টেল আছে। রাজ্য সরকার এই সংখ্যা বাড়িয়ে ৪০ করতে চায়। বাকি ২১টি হোস্টেলের মধ্যে বালুরঘাট, জয়ন্তী, গাজলডোবা যুব হোস্টেলের নির্মাণ কাজ শুরু হয়ে গেছে।

এই যুব হোস্টেলগুলি তৈরী হলে, যেসকল পর্যটক একা ওইসব অঞ্চলে যাবে, তাদের ভালো থাকার জায়গা খুঁজতে অসুবিধায় পড়তে হবে না।
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Irrigation Dept’s mega water supply project – 13 lakh acres over 12 districts

The State Irrigation Department, in the largest project of its kind in two decades, is going to supply water for crops in 13 lakh acres for both rabi and boro cropping seasons. Last year, the number was 10 lakh acres.

The roadmap for the project was prepared at a recent meeting of the Irrigation Minister, senior officials of the department, sabhadhipatis and irrigation karmadhyakshyas at Jalasampad Bhawan in Salt Lake.

Twelve districts will be covered. Of them, Birbhum, Bankura, Hooghly, Purba Bardhaman and Paschim Bardhaman will be supplied more water. The other districts where water will be released are Howrah, Paschim Medinipur, Parba Medinipur, Jhargram, Jalpaiguri and Purulia.

For the rabi season, the water will be released in the last week of December and for the boro season, the water will be released in the third week of January. The water will be supplied from DVC, and from check dams on Kansabati, Mayurakshi, Teesta and 28 other small and medium-sized rivers.

সাড়ে ১৩ লক্ষ একর জমিতে জল পৌঁছে দেবে রাজ্য

আগামী রবি ও খরিফ মরশুমে ১২টি জেলার প্রায় সাড়ে ১৩ লক্ষ একর জমিতে সেচের জল পৌঁছে দেবে রাজ্য সরকার। গত দু’দশকের মধ্যে যা রেকর্ড বলে দাবি করেন সেচমন্ত্রী।

সল্টলেকে জলসম্পদ ভবনে সেচ দপ্তরের আধিকারিক ও জেলার সভাধিপতিদের নিয়ে বৈঠকে ওই সিদ্ধান্ত নেওয়া হয়েছে। গত বছর ১০ লক্ষ একরের কাছাকাছি জমিতে সেচের জল পৌঁছে দেওয়া হয়েছিল।

এবার বীরভূম, পূর্ব বর্ধমান, হুগলী, পশ্চিম বর্ধমান ও বাঁকুড়া জেলায় অতিরিক্ত পরিমাণ জমিতে জল দেওয়া হবে। রবি চাষের জন্য ডিসেম্বর মাসের শেষ সপ্তাহ ও বোরো চাষের জন্য জানুয়ারি মাসের তৃতীয় সপ্তাহ থেকে জল ছাড়া হবে। অন্য যে জেলাগুলিতে জল পাঠানো হবে, সেগুলি হল, হাওড়া, পশ্চিম মেদিনীপুর, পূর্ব মেদিনীপুর, ঝাড়গ্রাম, জলপাইগুড়ি ও পুরুলিয়া।

মন্ত্রী জানান, ডিভিসি, কংসাবতী, ময়ূরাক্ষী, তিস্তা ও ২৮টি ছোট ও মাঝারি জলাধার প্রকল্প (চেক ড্যাম) থেকে জল দেওয়া হবে। এর মধ্যে বর্ধমানে ডিভিসি থেকে, বাঁকুড়ায় ডিভিসি ও কংসাবতী জলাধার প্রকল্প থেকে, হুগলিতে ডিভিসি ও কংসাবতী থেকে, হাওড়ায় ডিভিসি ও নিকাশি খাল থেকে, পশ্চিম মেদিনীপুর ও ঝাড়গ্রামে কংসাবতী থেকে, পূর্ব মেদিনীপুরে নিকাশি খালের জোয়ারের কারণে প্রাপ্ত ব্যাকওয়াটার থেকে, বীরভূমে ময়ূরাক্ষী জলাধার প্রকল্প, জলপাইগুড়িতে তিস্তা ব্যারেজ প্রকল্প থেকে এবং পুরুলিয়ায় ২৮টি ছোট ও মাঝারি জলাধার থেকে জল দেওয়া হবে।

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