Rajya Sabha

August 5, 2019

Manas Bhunia makes a Zero Hour mention on female foeticide

Manas Bhunia makes a Zero Hour mention on female foeticide


Thank you very much, Sir. Through you I want to draw the kind attention of the Honourable Health and Family Welfare Minister and the entire House. We are facing a serious social, medical and mental crisis in our society and in the case of individuals too. 

Female foeticide has been increasing in our country in recent times. The evidence is in the form of sex ration, which shows a wide gap between the nymber of males and females in several States. Recently a report came from the Uttarkashi region of Uttarakhand that in 132 villages surveyed, 216 births took place out of which there was not a single female infant. After this the villagers, social scientists, medical officers, district administration all went to investigate. 

We have laws by the Central and the State Government that make the use of ultrasonography to detect sex of a foetus illegal. But even then, illegal detection is continuing with the help of private ultrasound clinics, some doctors and some village quacks; if they detect a female foetus, they are destroying them. The mentality of the male members of families is not in favour of the female child. 

So I urge upon the Government, through you, Sir, to kindly give a note to the Health Ministry and to all the States and the Centre that we should be very concerned about the situation. This is a serious situation of our country and we should stop it, Sir, and intervene in a way that can save the female child.