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August 14, 2019

Kanyashree to join hands with Utkarsh Bangla

Kanyashree to join hands with Utkarsh Bangla

Two internationally-recognised schemes of the Bangla Government are coming together for a better world. Class XI and XII students enlisted under the Kanyashree Scheme are now going to get career-centric technical education under the aegis of Utkarsh Bangla.

Incidentally, among other prestigious awards, both have won the WSIS Prize, given by ITU, an agency of the United Nations. While the Kanyashree Scheme won it in 2016, the Utkarsh Bangla Scheme won it in 2019.

The students will also get a stipend of Rs 50 per day during the course of the training. This would be added to the regular yearly stipend given under Kanyashree. It may be mentioned here that Kanyashree Clubs have also been involved in Utkarsh Bangla.

Under Utkarsh Bangla, short-term courses of duration between 80 and 600 hours are offered by government as well as private institutions, in fields like telecom, tailoring, beauty treatment, computer education, jewellery-making and many more.

Like the rest of the Utkarsh Bangla Scheme, the training of Kanyashree girls will also be overseen by the Paschimbanga Society for Skill Development, which comes under the Technical Education, Training and Skill Development Department.