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August 22, 2019

State Govt launches flood alert app

State Govt launches flood alert app

The State Irrigation and Waterways Department has recently released an app for Android phones to warn people floods and water levels. It was inaugurated by the departmental minister.

The app, called ‘IWD-WB Flood Alert’ has three sections: (3 bullet points)

River Warning (information about water levels of different rivers – whenever river water flows above ‘Danger’ and ‘Extreme Danger’ levels measured by river gauge stations throughout Bangla)

Signals for Rivers (information about water levels of rivers in north Bengal)

Heavy Rainfall Occurrence (list of rain gauge stations where rainfall is at or above the ‘Heavy’ level as per the nomenclature of IMD, or Indian Meteorological Department, and warning message whenever a discharge of more than 2,5000 cusec of water passes through any of the barrages or dams in the State)

All these data will enable people to have prior information about heavy rainfall and floods, and plan ahead.

It may be mentioned in connection with flood control that the Irrigation Minister has set up a WhatsApp group comprising of him and the senior-most officers of the department.


Source: Bartaman