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August 27, 2019

Didike Bolo to reach out to farmers from today

Didike Bolo to reach out to farmers from today

From today, August 27, the farmers’ organisation of Trinamool Congress will launch a mass campaign in the farmlands across Bangla to promote Didike Bolo.

The campaign of the party to communicate directly with farmers will continue for about two months. After that, sometime in November, a State-level farmers’ conclave will be held in Kolkata.

The field campaign will involve knowing the problems farmers may be facing as well as their good experiences. It needs to be mentioned here that in contrast to many other States, Bangla’s farmers are having it much better. Through various schemes implemented successfully by the government, the condition of farmers has improved much. In the last eight years, that is, since Trinamool Congress came to power, the income of farmers has increased by more than three times.

Didike Bolo is a newly-launched initiative by the party through which Bangla’s citizens can put across their opinions, experiences and problems regarding government services, political issues, etc. to Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee.

In the one month since its launch the initiative has become very popular. It has taken the form of a mass movement wherein leaders at all levels, right from the chief minister herself, have visited localities across the State to talk to the people. And of course there are the many messages received through voice calls and WhatsApp, and through the website.

Source: Bartaman