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August 6, 2019

State Govt to start automated kitchens for students

State Govt to start automated kitchens for students

The State Government will start a novel project soon – centralised automated kitchen units for cooking mid-day meals in schools.

A pilot project will start by September at the Kisan Mandi in Bhatar, Purba Bardhaman for cooking 2,000 meals a day. More and more blocks will be included in the project in phases.

The novel concept of centralised kitchens will help as schools will be freed from the additional responsibility of cooking meals. The automated kitchens will serve quality meals and there will be no possibility of pilferage, as cooking will be according to scheduled and specific menus, said the district magistrate of Purba Bardhaman while announcing the project.

He said the Bhatar kitchen will serve 16 primary schools and six Sisu Siksha Kendras within Bhatar gram panchayat. A limited number of pregnant mothers will also be accommodated to ensure they get their daily nutritional requirements.

Cooking will begin in the morning. Such kitchens will be equipped with sanitised cauldrons, trolleys, rice chutes, dal tanks and cutting boards.

The self-help groups currently engaged in different schools for cooking mid-day meals will be involved in transporting the cooked food in sealed tiffin boxes to the respective schools.

Source: The Statesman