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August 19, 2019

Moyna Model to come up in Bankura

Moyna Model to come up in Bankura

The highly-successful Moyna Model of fish cultivation has now been adopted in the district of Bankura by the State Fisheries Department.

One lakh fishlings will be released in waterbodies to create this model of fish farming. Rs 88 lakh will be spent on the project.

According to the department, fish cultivation following the Moyna Model on a 2-hectare waterbody would help in earning of Rs 40 lakh on an average. After deducting the expenses, the income would come to Rs 18 lakh. Cooperatives of fish cultivators would be formed to make it easier to take up cultivation.

Moyna Model is normally adopted for waterbodies of a minimum of 5 hectares. But due to the lack of such large waterbodies in Bankura, even 2 hectare waterbodies would be utilised.

It may be mentioned that the State Fisheries Department had adopted the Moyna Model, named after the village of Moyna in Purba Medinipur, as a flagship model in 2017. Using the model, river water is channelised to ponds for fish cultivation at a brisk pace.

Source: Bartaman