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August 24, 2019

State Govt allots more funds for dengue prevention

State Govt allots more funds for dengue prevention

The Bangla Government’s successful dengue prevention programme got a boost recently with the Health Department’s allotment of another Rs 7 crore for the purpose.

For the last few years, dengue has been stopped in its tracks through year-round awareness programmes, involving health workers, municipalities, even Durga Puja organisers.

With this fresh allotment of funds, anti-dengue drives will be further intensified. The Health Department is procuring anti-dengue kits and larvicide (for spraying in mosquito-breeding areas), and circulating them to all the districts so that proper steps can be taken before the situation can turn bad.

The Health Department is also asking district and civic body officials to ensure that the guidelines laid down by it are strictly implemented.

Source: Millennium Post