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August 17, 2019

State Govt plans increasing greenery in schools 

State Govt plans increasing greenery in schools 

During her speech at Nazrul Mancha on August 1, at the conclusion of the ‘Save Green, Stay Clean’ walk, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee had appealed to children to take an active part in ‘greening’ in their own ways.

Following her words, the Forest Department has drawn up a plan for improving the green cover in schools. 

In the first phase, schools are being identified in and around Kolkata where the project would be initiated.

Trees would be planted on the ground wherever space is available. And where not, alternative methods would be devised, like setting up green walls, vertical gardens, rooftop gardens, kitchen gardens, medicinal gardens and butterfly gardens.

The department has also decided to plant more guava, mango, blackberry, star apple (jamrul) and jackfruit, and also several types of flowering trees.

Source: Ei Samay