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August 29, 2019

Didi Ke Bolo a huge success, garnering over 10 lakh responses

Didi Ke Bolo a huge success, garnering over 10 lakh responses

The ‘Didi Ke Bolo’ campaign of Trinamool Congress has been an overwhelming success. Started a month back, it has already clocked 10 lakh visitors – the number of people who have reached out with their words of appreciation for the initiative, valuable suggestions and grievances.

As part of the on-ground outreach of ‘Didike Bolo’, close to 500 Trinamool leaders conducted ‘Jan Sangjog Sabha’ and stayed the night in 1,022 villages.

Another bit of important information is that in the last 30 days, a total of 214 people in distress reached out to the ‘Didike Bolo’ campaign, out of which 161 cases were resolved on priority.

Didike Bolo in numbers, for the first 30 days:

Total numbers

People reaching out: 10,00,350
Calls: 8,00,635
Contact through website: 1,99,715


Suggestions: 32%
Grievances: 42%
Appreciatory messages: 22%
Miscellaneous (including people who reached out in distress): 4%

In her tweet, Mamata Banerjee thanked “each one for their support and acknowledgement” and said the party has taken note of their “valuable suggestions” and would try its best to “resolve their grievances to an extent possible in an expeditious manner”.

Mamata Banerjee’s tweets are given below: