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August 23, 2019

Muktir Alo showing light of life to women in distress

Muktir Alo showing light of life to women in distress

The fourth ‘Muktir Alo’ cafeteria run by women in distress was inaugurated recently by the Minister of State for Women’s Development and Social Welfare Department at Bikash Bhawan, Salt Lake. The building has many State Government offices.

The women who will run the cafeteria are either sex workers who want to come back to the mainstream or victims of trafficking.

Three cafeterias running successfully

Earlier the department had opened three such cafeterias in Munshiganj, at the Alipore Court premises and at Alipore Zoo.

All the three cafeterias are very successful, and the latest one is expected to hit success pretty soon, what with the superior quality of food.

Muktir Alo: Purpose

Muktir Alo is a scheme started in September 2015 by Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee. Its aim is to rehabilitate women in distress, women who are from backward and marginalised areas of the society, along with those who have been forced to work as sex workers or situations have made them to do so and want to come back to the mainstream.

The scheme helps them to become self-dependent and establish their identities in society as successful individuals.

Muktir Alo: Training

Through this scheme, such women are given training in various fields such as cafeteria management, block printing, spice grinding and many more.

In phases, 75 women were given training and 13 of them were rehabilitated after being trained in cafeteria management.

Source: Millennium Post