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August 23, 2019

State Govt launches award for best govt libraries

State Govt launches award for best govt libraries

For the first time, the Bangla Government has started an award for the best libraries, to be selected from among its directly administered and sponsored libraries. The selection process has already started. Awards would also be given to the best library members.

The award for the best libraries would be given at three levels – district, town and rural. The award for the best library members would be given at the district level.

Selection criteria for best libraries

According to the State Library Services Minister, the criteria for selecting the best libraries have been decided in a scientific manner, encompassing library materials, funds spent and infrastructure:

  • Number of books, magazines and journals, and manuscripts
  • Work done for preserving old materials
  • How many people borrowed books to take them home
  • How many people read in the library
  • How many and which occasions were celebrated by the libraries
  • Funds spent: How much money was spent on buying and binding books, magazines and journals
  • Library space: How many storeys, how many persons can sit together, whether there are toilet and drinking water facilities

Selection criterion for best library members

For the best library members, to be given at the district level, the most important selection criteria is how many times books borrowed for reading were returned on time. The selection process for this award, though, was started about a couple of years back.

Source: Ei Samay